Bold Properties Named Long Table Dinner Presenting Sponsor

Marpole Community Day (Courtesy of Bold Properties)

We are so fortunate and honoured that Bold Properties has given generously to the Coquitlam Farmers Market Society’s 2018 Long Table Dinner- On The Farm.

“At Bold Properties we develop, design and build single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes and rental apartments that put people at the forefront. We are driven by the human experience of space, where smart design meets livability, technology and energy efficiency at our new townhomes, Edgestone in Port Moody. The homes we build in the Tri-Cities bring together family and friends like the exciting Long Table Dinner, and we are proud to support this memorable experience. To all the guests, bon appétit and enjoy the summer evening!”- Bold Properties Team 

Lights of Hope set-up (Courtesy of Bold Properties)

Thank you, from everyone at the Coquitlam Farmers Market Society, to Bold Properties for their considerable support of this event. As Presenting Sponsor they have helped us create a night full of community, quality food and great conversations around sustainability; a similar environment to that of their property designs.

Bold Properties is and has been involved in a number of community events including Wheel2Heal, Lights of Hope and Marpole’s Community Day and we are thrilled to be in such company.

Long Table Dinner- On The Farm With: Jasbir Mandair

We are happy to announce that Chef Jasbir of Mandair Farms will be joining our Long Table Dinner once again! To get to know her personal tastes and creations a bit more she has kindly answered some questions for us.

What is your favourite thing to cook right now?

Nothing is my favourite. I like to make something new each time, experiment with different things and see how it turns out.

What is the first dish you cooked?

The first thing I ever made was dhal and roti.

What is your favourite vegetable from the market this week?

The tomatoes from the Okanagan farmers, Hill Top.

Best tip for home cooks?

Make sure that you have all the ingredients for what you are going to make but also have a well stocked spice cabinet.

Tell us something about your long table dinner dish.

It is going to be a samosa chaat. It is a spin off from your typical indian Chaat Appetizer. Some ingredients will be fresh lettuce, diced fresh cucumber tomato, and onions topped with plain yogurt and my famous tamarind chutney.

On The Wild Side With: PoCo Soap Co.

(Courtesy of Poco Soap Co.)

“Simple, real, honest,” is the mantra of Poco Soap Co. Building on 16 years of casual soap making and discovering a more simple lifestyle, owner Shea Hogan says he continuously looks for ways to make deeper connections with his local community.

Soap is a real, tangible product that when made well is good for you and ultimately good for our planet, by not using any artificial ingredients no harmful toxins are produced which eventually end up in our environment.

(Courtesy of Poco Soap Co.)

Deliberately avoiding what might be considered typical branding for a soap company, Shea has chosen both a unique and relevant being to help represent his business.

I wanted to find a way to showcase my community through my logo, and bears are an ever present, important part of Port Coquitlam. This bear was inspired by a local bear that made headlines a few years ago.

In addition to being inspired to create for the local economy, Shea says he firmly stays away from the use of plastics, using biodegradable and compostable materials instead.

My soap labels are made of sugarcane waste fiber and are fully biodegradable and compostable. And my lip balm tubes are made from paperboard.

(Courtesy of Poco Soap Co.)

While Poco Soap and Co. may have a slight natural masculine bend as Shea has creative control over his products, he feels good soap is for everyone and benefits all genders.

I don’t specifically make my soaps for men, but as I am a man the brand may have a naturally more masculine bend to it that perhaps more men can relate to, which could be a good thing as men in general are a little standoffish when it comes to natural soaps. So hopefully I can help break down some gender stereotypes, and help raise awareness that natural soaps are okay for men to use too!

(Courtesy of Poco Soap Co.)

With its current success, Poco Soap Co. is expanding! Shea plans to bring his products into wholesale and online selling spaces, as well as opening his workshop for retail possibilities.

I am continuing to develop new products, such as natural lip balms, and will be expanding my soap line.

Blueberry Festival: What’s At Market

This year’s Blueberry Festival will highlight what blueberries our vendors have to offer! You can expect a number of varieties of fresh, frozen and prepared berries.

What You Can Expect

Farm Fresh:

Beckmann Berry Farm: 

The variety you can find from this local farm is Chandler Blueberries. This variety produces the largest berries of any available! It is a relatively hardy, mid-late season plant that can spread to about six feet in reach.

Forstbauer Farm:

From bushes over 25 years old, you can expect frozen Northland Blueberries. This variety is a hardy mid-height plant known for its yields of medium sized berries with a sweet and wild blueberry taste. Northland is an early, mid-season plant that will tolerate poor soil conditions and does best with heavy annual pruning.

Langley Organic Growers: 

You will find both Bluecrop and Duke at Langely Organic Growers. Bluecrop is the most widely planted high-bush, mid-season cultivar in the world and produces high yields of medium sized. Although it produces firm fruit with good flavour, the canes tend to be droopy so supporting the plant is important. This variety is disease resistance and lasts well into the cold winter months. Duke offers a late bloom that adapts well to cold temperatures while still producing an early crop. This tall bush provides a large number of very sweet, high quality fruit with an excellent shelf life. Did you know its foliage turns red in the fall?

Mandair Farm:

Offering their best berry price of the season you can choose from Bluegold, Bluecrop or Duke berries. Bluegold Blueberries are a mid-season variety that is highly productive. In addition to producing firm, flavourful fruit, it is winter hardy. Bluecrop is the most widely planted high-bush, mid-season cultivar in the world and produces high yields of medium sized. Although it produces firm fruit with good flavour, the canes tend to be droopy so supporting the plant is important. This variety is disease resistance and lasts well into the cold winter months. Duke offers a late bloom that adapts well to cold temperatures while still producing an early crop. This tall bush provides a large number of very sweet, high quality fruit with an excellent shelf life. Did you know its foliage turns red in the fall?

Never Say Die Farm: 

You can also find Bluecrop at Never Say Die Farms. It is the most widely planted high-bush, mid-season cultivar in the world and produces high yields of medium sized. Although it produces firm fruit with good flavour, the canes tend to be droopy so supporting the plant is important. This variety is disease resistance and lasts well into the cold winter months.

Source: Scotts Nursery


A Bread Affair: 

Love at First Bite Loaf- With every single ingredients grown within 71 miles of Vancouver, we were proud to bring our first truly local loaf to Vancouver in 2009. Blueberries and Hazelnuts in a Heritage sprouted grain loaf.

Blueberry Candied Ginger and Lemon Scone- Made using Pitt Meadows Blueberries this quickly became one of our most popular pastries at the farmers markets and you can see why. With no flavour dominating the other this and a cup of coffee is the way to start your rounds at the farmers market.

Coquitlam River Cannery: 

Blueberry Jam made with blueberries grown right in Coquitlam!

Kics Gourmet Products: 

Blueberry lemonade.

Kizzy’s Macarons:

Blueberry Big Macs with blueberry jam buttercream, homemade blueberry compote and fresh BC blueberries.

Mariner Brewing: 

Venture Blueberry Sour beer. Each batch of our blueberry sour is made with 1,000 lbs of real blueberries from the Fraser valley!

Oh Sweet Day:

Classic cheesecake with fresh blueberry sauce!

Royal City Donuts: 

Blueberry compote filled donuts.


Kids Activities:

Kids of all ages can visit our Kids Craft area to play games and make blueberry magnets. Kids ages 5-12 can stop by our Power of Produce Kids Club tent to make a jar of blueberry chia jam to take home!

(Courtesy of Kizzy’s Macarons)

Recipe Demonstrations:

Join Karen Curtis in the demonstration tent to learn how to make blueberry salsa and blueberry sauce using fresh market ingredients! Demos run at 10 and 11:30am.


Visit our sampling tent to taste and compare the varieties of blueberries available at our market! Participate in a community art project while you’re there!

BC Blueberry Council:

The BC Blueberry Council will be on-site with fantastic recipe cards and free blueberry swag!

Live Music:

Musician, Barry Wilson, will be keeping us entertained with his great variety of tunes!

Vendor List for Sunday, August 12

Long Table Dinner- On The Farm With: Fred Soofi

Fred Soofi leading a cooking workshop at market.

We are happy to announce that Chef Fred Soofi of Pasta Polo will be joining our Long Table Dinner once again! To get to know his personal tastes and creations a bit more he has kindly answered some questions for us. 

Q: What is your favourite thing to cook right now?

A: Linguine pesto primavera (fresh basil, garlic, bell peppers, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, virgin olive oil and Parmesan cheese).

Q: What is the first thing you cooked?

A: Lamb stew.

Q:  What is your favourite vegetable from the Coquitlam Farmers Market?

A: Green  Zucchini.

Soofi preparing his dish for the 2017 Long Table Dinner

Q: What is your best tip for home cooks? 

A: When you are using fresh, local vegetables from the market,  blanch them in lightly salted boiling water for one minute, cool down with ice water. After draining for two minutes, sautee with olive oil, freshly ground pepper, and sea salt.

Q: Tell us something about your Long Table Dinner dish. 

A: I will be using protein and vegetables from the market, also fresh made pasta from Pasta Polo, to create a healthy, tasty dish.

Tickets for the 2018 Long Table Dinner- On The Farm are on sale now! Purchase yours HERE.

Getting To Know: Aslan Organics

Shane and Emma of Aslan Organics showed up in B.C. in 2010 after accepting a work offer on Vancouver Island with no intention of farming but quickly became eager to start their own food production.

In our first spring, we hastened the building of three raised beds in our small pie-shaped corner lot in an urban setting. We quickly fell in love with the dirt and produce we were making, and the garden just continued to grow.

In 2014 they moved to the Yarrow EcoVillage near Cultus Lake where within one year, they had a quarter acre and 20 laying hens. Now a 1.2 acres organic farm, with roughly 75 birds, customers will find plenty of fresh produce and eggs at market.

Our farm is a nod to the lion character in Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan, who represents the main framework for how we see ourselves as farmers: Earth Keepers; our Christian beliefs have significantly shaped our creation care modus operandi.

Aslan Organics was one of only twelve farms selected to receive a scholarship into J.M Fortier’s “The Market Gardners Master Class.” This has allowed Emma and Shane to go more in depth about how they plan and create success on their farm.

We grow joyfully good food: our farm is a sanctuary for those looking for quiet; our farm is small for those looking to experience simplicity; our farm is efficient for those looking to understand how it’s possible to make a living at organic vegetable farming. We aren’t just producers, we love what we do and we want you to love it too.

Growing organic is essential to Aslan Organics. They reference that for centuries the earth has provided an abundance of crop without the use of chemicals. Living and farming in the Yarrow EcoVillage they are continuously working together with their community and therefore directly impacted by these relationships.

While we sometimes wish we could just eliminate all the aphids, they too have a purpose in the greater ecological systems. It may not always be easy–in fact challenge is often a descriptor of progress because the community needs to agree (we function under consensus)–but we are continually becoming better versions of ourselves because of it.

Shane and Emma are not just producers, they love what they do and they want customers to love it too. It is their belief that the most important aspect of knowing must be our food; to know what we are consuming.

If we become disconnected from our food, we become disconnected from the Earth. If we disconnect ourselves from the Earth, our care and awareness for Mother Nature becomes obsolete, and could prove dangerous to how we treat the only planet that has (thus far) proven to support human life.

They want people to know their farm is a sanctuary for those looking for quiet and small for those looking to experience simplicity.

Our farm is efficient for those looking to understand how it’s possible to make a living at organic vegetable farming.

Although their methods are traditional and wholesome, Emma and Shane have brought their farm into the 21st century through the use of social media. They believe it is an opportunity for everyone to get a sense of what they up to, both professionally on the farm, but also small snippets of insight into their lives.

We believe that one of the best benefits to being “local” is knowing more about the people, something I would argue is inherent to the human condition: We all long for rich community experiences. For us, this farm–and you as our customer–is quickly taking shape as our rich community. We thank you for your support.

To grow a greater range of produce Aslan Organics has dipped it’s feet into greenhouses. As they are significantly warmer, plants can grow faster and thus lengthening the window of production.

We spend a significant amount of time ensuring the sanitization of our greenhouse (frequent weeding, eliminated any diseased plants, frequent browsing for predatory pests) because it’s crucial to the success of our operation.

Be sure to stop by Aslan Organics when coming to market as you may find a veggie you haven’t heard of, like the Hakurei Turnip! A favourite of customers it typically sells out within the first few hours of market.

Zero Waste Month: Biscotti Joe Coffee

To end off an amazing month of zero waste initiatives, we are highlighting a new program for customers of the much beloved Biscotti Joe Coffee! Lovingly toted the “bead program,” regular customers have been encouraged to bring their own mug to market.

If customer brings their own mug and purchase a cup of my coffee, I would give them a ring that has a colorful bead attached. Every time they buy another cup of coffee, they would receive another bead and when they reach six beads, they get a free cup of coffee!

Harry says this program is similar to coffee cards but more fun and has been received well.

In light of the no straws campaigns happening in Metro Vancouver, I think my program fits in with trying to reduce waste. I believe that you have a new style red mug available to new members that sign up. If you mention my program to them, it would be a nice tie in.

So make sure to bring your own mug or thermos when you visit Biscotti Joe Coffee at market and collect those beads!

Zero Waste Month: Okanagan’s Best Products

(Courtesy of Okanagan’s Best Products)

Okanagan’s Best Products has come up with a creative and edible way to reduce their waste at market! Inspired by her passion for sustainability, Kathleen says all of the wooden toothpicks she went through for sampling had to go.

In the past we were going through tens of thousands of toothpics in a market season. These all would end up in the landfill because they are not reusable. While wood is definitely better than plastic in terms of sustainability and environmental impact, it still wasn’t a zero waste situation.

So Kathleen searched for a more sustainable solution and tired it all! Keeping in conjunction with her products, she wanted to make sure that what was being used as tasters was as well.

Once gluten-free products became available in standard grocery shops (though still not at wholesale stores), the decision to move to spaghetti toothpicks was easy.

Okanagan’s Best Products’ initiative has gotten great response from customers. Kathleen says it also provides a space for quick conversations about sustainability, environmental issues, clean food and clean living.

(Courtesy of Okanagan’s Best Products)

…All issues that are part of Okanagan’s Best ethos. In BC, our customers are pretty savvy. They are generally quite switched on about environmental issues because we live in the most beautiful part of the country, and we’d all like to keep it that way. Less waste, more sustainable products just makes sense to them already, so it’s an easy conversation to have!

Kathleen says another great benefit of spaghetti is that if the toothpicks are inadvertently dropped, they will biodegrade and not hard any animals who might come across them.

…And the kids love to just chew on them rather than put them in our garbage.

In addition to the spaghetti tasting spoons, Kathleen says she has been and continues to look into various ways of packaging their products for customers at market, including decomposable bags and butcher paper.

Because our products are kept iced, they are often wet and
cannot be carried in paper bags, so we have no option but to put them in plastic bags. At the moment, many customers bring their own reusable shopping bags, so we often dry the packages of sausage for and place them in their own bags. So we always ask ‘would you like a bag,’ because we do have them available but prefer not to use them. In future, we are thinking of providing reusable cooler shopping bags at cost. We are always on the lookout for ways to reduce our footprint.

Kathleen says that in the continuous search for more sustainable products and practices, she’s come across potential production methods of noted environmentally friendly products that may not be as sustainable as previously thought.

(Courtesy of Okanagan’s Best Products)

We were very surprised ourselves to learn through experience and expense about decomposable plastic bags and how, while touted as ‘environmentally friendly’, the methods used to produce them are not compatible with products that may be moist or damp in terms of immediacy of the decomposing process when wet, and the off-gassing that happens. It does make us wonder about how they are made, what chemicals are used, that they give off a scent when beginning to decompose that can actually affect the products, and just how ‘sustainable’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ they actually are.

For Kathleen and everyone at Okanagan’s Best Products, the opportunity to speak with customers about sustainability at market is always a pleasure.

We have had wonderful market experiences with people who were previously ‘undecided’ about purchasing, actually try and buy our products because our little changes like using spaghetti toothpicks really matter to them.

On The Wild Side With: Food Migration

Inspired by a traditional Taiwanese snack, Ethan of Food Migration has created a line of bite sized treats perfect for tea lovers.

Where I came from, Taiwan, people enjoyed tea on daily basis. Traditionally, these type of snacks are often enjoyed with tea. As Chinese drink tea with no sugar or milk added, the taste of tea could sometime be dry (or astringent) and bitter. Little sweets like ChaNut serve perfectly in tea drinker’s mouth and balance out less wanted sensation with mild sweetness and nuttiness. That’s why we call it perfect snack of tea.

Food Migration’s brand most familiar to market customers is called ChaNut, which has a more meaningful connection to its purpose as a compliment to tea than some may realize.

Our brand name ChaNut is actually the combination of Chinese phonic of tea, “Cha” and English word “Nuts,” which we are hoping will catch the spirit of tea and deliver the message to our customers.

There are currently three lines of ChaNut creations. Depending on the flavour, their main ingredients range from peanuts, to pumpkin and black sesame seeds, all bound by malt syrup, giving them their distinct and unifying flavour.

It’s actually my mother’s recipe. She cracked the formula from the traditional snack, we have in Taiwan. My Mom, like most of the parents, disbarred all kinds of junky snack. As nut gaining its popularity in the recent years, she decided to make her own snack. I learned from her after she proudly shared it with me on my trip back home couple years ago. I did tweak the recipe a bit afterward, but the basic taste is inherited from my mother.

Ethan says he used to think inspiration to create new food products was like a sparkle, coming from nowhere and caused by many of happy coincidences. Now he says new flavours are first inspired by the familiarity of Taiwan recipes and are then given a Canadian twist.

We ask our friends and family from time to time and improve the product base their feedback as well, trying to find the taste that can relate to our community. I guess you can say the inspiration is from where I am from and where I live now, and its a combination of who we are.

With its current success, Food Migration is looking to further migrate its favourite foods into the Canadian market. Ethan says he hopes products will continue to perk customers interest.

Much like a friend sharing great stuff with each other, I am hoping Food Migration would be your foodie friend. We hope the customer to know that ChaNut is a great healthy nutty snack, a great product before or after work out, and most importantly its a snack they could enjoy in any given day.

Getting To Know: West Coast Chipwich

(Courtesy of West Coast Chipwich)

So what is a chipwich?

A chipwich is a handmade artisan ice cream sandwich. The name chipwich coming from the Chocolate CHIP cookies, the wich from the sandWICH

West Coast Chipwich’s Dave Roberts has always been a cookie fan but wanted to create a delicious twist on the classic treat, ice cream sandwiches.

Ice cream and cookies whats not to like right? But is always seemed so boring with the  tasteless wafer like chocolate cookie and plain vanilla ice cream that you always associate with.

After recently moving back to Canada after living in the United States for a couple of years, Dave began experimenting with flavours, and with much success among friends, he decided to take his creation to the next level: building a business.

I saw the amazing artisan ice cream shops around Vancouver and BC, I thought here is an area that needs some awesome chipwichs!!

Sourcing local and supporting other small local businesses are very important to Dave. Taking “local” to another level, the cookies that form the chipwich are all baked by Dave himself.

I actually bake all my own cookies as they are not your traditional treats. My cookies use different sugars, molasses and cooking methods to make sure that they are not too sweet and also don’t turn rock hard when frozen.

(Courtesy of West Coast Chipwich)

In line with West Coast Chipwich’s commitment to local businesses, the company’s ice cream is BC made, from the raw dairy to the production.

The most important part for me was that the company was local and used BC dairy. I think that this is important not only to the taste but also to my vision to support and source local. One day I hope to make my own ice cream!

Dave is always ready to create and try out new flavours combinations.

There are so many subtle changes that can be made in the cookie recipe, cook times and temperatures that can change not only the taste but the texture and sweetness levels as well. Once I have a  combination of cookie and ice cream that’s when the real experimentation begins!

To ensure the highest quality product, Dave cuts no corners, baking and assembling all products by hand. From weddings, and birthdays, to employee appreciation, West Coast Chipwich has all your catering needs covered!

…or just to be the awesome guy in the neighborhood I am available for your next event! Over the next six months I want to put my delicious product into the hands of as many of my BC neighbors as possible. I am confident that everyone who tries my product will love it. 

Only in his first year of business, Dave is ready to continue to grow his company and challenge himself, even looking to future labour expansions.