Getting To Know: West Coast Chipwich

(Courtesy of West Coast Chipwich)

So what is a chipwich?

A chipwich is a handmade artisan ice cream sandwich. The name chipwich coming from the Chocolate CHIP cookies, the wich from the sandWICH

West Coast Chipwich’s Dave Roberts has always been a cookie fan but wanted to create a delicious twist on the classic treat, ice cream sandwiches.

Ice cream and cookies whats not to like right? But is always seemed so boring with the  tasteless wafer like chocolate cookie and plain vanilla ice cream that you always associate with.

After recently moving back to Canada after living in the United States for a couple of years, Dave began experimenting with flavours, and with much success among friends, he decided to take his creation to the next level: building a business.

I saw the amazing artisan ice cream shops around Vancouver and BC, I thought here is an area that needs some awesome chipwichs!!

Sourcing local and supporting other small local businesses are very important to Dave. Taking “local” to another level, the cookies that form the chipwich are all baked by Dave himself.

I actually bake all my own cookies as they are not your traditional treats. My cookies use different sugars, molasses and cooking methods to make sure that they are not too sweet and also don’t turn rock hard when frozen.

(Courtesy of West Coast Chipwich)

In line with West Coast Chipwich’s commitment to local businesses, the company’s ice cream is BC made, from the raw dairy to the production.

The most important part for me was that the company was local and used BC dairy. I think that this is important not only to the taste but also to my vision to support and source local. One day I hope to make my own ice cream!

Dave is always ready to create and try out new flavours combinations.

There are so many subtle changes that can be made in the cookie recipe, cook times and temperatures that can change not only the taste but the texture and sweetness levels as well. Once I have a  combination of cookie and ice cream that’s when the real experimentation begins!

To ensure the highest quality product, Dave cuts no corners, baking and assembling all products by hand. From weddings, and birthdays, to employee appreciation, West Coast Chipwich has all your catering needs covered!

…or just to be the awesome guy in the neighborhood I am available for your next event! Over the next six months I want to put my delicious product into the hands of as many of my BC neighbors as possible. I am confident that everyone who tries my product will love it. 

Only in his first year of business, Dave is ready to continue to grow his company and challenge himself, even looking to future labour expansions.