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In the summer we featured Sola Skin Care on the blog – check out their summer feature here. We are excited to be featuring them again for the Port Moody Winter Market. Be sure to stop by Sola Skin Care this Sunday November 22nd at the Port Moody Winter Farmers Market and ask for their Spotlight Special: 35g Coconut Deodorant for $6, regular price $8. (This offer now expired)

Q. Congratulations on completing your first summer season! This Sunday we are so excited to welcome you to the Port Moody Winter Farmers Market! If you could tell each Port Moody market shopper 3 things – what would that be?

Get to know the vendors. They love what they do and are always happy to engage with the community, whether by sharing more about their products, the process or who they are as people. Also, try a new vendor each time you visit. You get to know more of the people in the community, and you’ll likely discover a hidden gem!

Q. Do you have any tips of tricks for keeping our skin looking healthy during the cold/wet winter months?

Winter weather is drying for the skin, so be sure to keep hydrated – that’s the best way to keep your skin from getting too dry. Lots of water (not ice water, but room temperature instead) and lots of herbal teas and soups. We make the best bone broth from bones we purchase from Rockweld Farm. Our Soft Skin Balm is also my go-to in the winter months. I keep a tin in the car and apply it to my hands when I get in the car. Pop my gloves on afterwards and when I arrive at my destination, my hands are soft and hydrated for the day.


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