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SPOTLIGHT FEATURE SALE: This Sunday at the Port Moody Winter Farmers Market Fresh-n-Home will be offering a special deal! Stop by their table on Sunday November 29th and ask for the SPOTLIGHT SPECIAL: Holiday Special for $20 a set, rather than $25 for this Sunday only! This 3 pouch set offers one of each of the different sizes of our pouches, so you can experience the effectiveness for yourself! (This offer has now expired)

Q.  How does your product remove stinky smells?

Our product contains a powerful volcanic mineral called zeolite, which absorbs and traps smells and moisture.

Q. What is your most popular product? 

Our most popular product at market are Banana Pouches because you have No Fruit Flies when you use them.

Q. What do you think are the most common uses for your products? 

Our products remove and eliminate odor and moisture and they absorb noxious gases, removing them from the air. Most commonly, our products are used to prevent Fruit flies from visiting; to ensure compost or garbage doesn’t smell; to stop the smell in a kitty litter box or rodent cage; to remove the smell from a vehicle; to winterize an RV so there isn’t moisture inside; to dry and stop the smell in shoes and sports equipment; and anywhere else there is a smell or excess moisture that shouldn’t be there.

Q. If you could let our customers know 3 things about your products, what would that be? 

Our products:

  1. Are completely Natural and Non-toxic
  2. Are renewable and reusable
  3. They work really well!

Q. What do you love most about attending farmers markets? 

We love interacting with the people who come to the markets. This way we have the luxury of explaining what our products do and helping if/when folks need further explanation. Market folks are interested in being healthy and looking to enhance and improve their environments in natural ways and that is a great fit for us.


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