Getting to Know: Langley Organic Growers

Langley Organic Growers have participated in Metro Vancouver farmers markets for 20 years! Throughout these years they have built close relationships with many loyal customers and have also experienced an increase in young people participating.

We are pleased to see how farmers markets are growing and the growing number of people becoming more aware about the connection between food, the environment and economy.

Langley Organic Growers is a co-operation, made up of four independently run farms within the Langley and Chilliwack areas. All of the farmers come together with a collective business plan which allows for specific crop concentration and guarantees a certain amount of harvest.  The photo to the left is farmer Julia, from In Season Farms.  Julia is at the market each Sunday, representing her farm, and the 3 others part of this farm co-op.

We are all certified organic farms following the principles of organic
production.We believe in taking care of the earth: good farming starts with alive soil using compost, composted manure and cover crops. These practices protect against pests and diseases and is how we produce successful crop rotation and diversity.

Each farm grows a certain variety of vegetables but all come together to provide communities with natural, untreated produce. Langley Organic Growers do not use synthetic inputs like fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides to treat their crops.

We sell almost all our produce through farmers markets and think this is the only way to bring the freshest greens and vegetables to our customers. It is important for us to reduce our carbon footprint and appreciate all of our customers for supporting us and keeping the money within our community.