Getting to Know: Jerk Store

As a new business it is a great way to get feedback on my products. You also learn to many things from other vendors who have been in the same position.

As many have come to realize this season, the Coquitlam Farmers Market is known not only for its produce, but its great prepared food and the products coming from Jerk Store are no exception!

Jerk Store offers a unique blend of flavours with their handcrafted artisan jerky, from French Onion Soup to Chimichurri! Made with 100% all natural ingredients owner Khal and his team go from slicing the beef, marinating it overnight, to packaging all in Port Moody.

We use premium B.C. Beef that is free of hormones and antibiotics.

And a surprise to many?

That we make tofu jerky! People seem to automatically associate us with meat products and several have been pleasantly surprised when they discover we have non-meat options.

The number one question Khal asks himself while creating his product is, “is this something I would want to eat?” He says the first step for those who are hesitant on buying locally produced food is to simply trying the product.

Discover what food is supposed to taste like. The mass produced food system is unsustainable and making people and the planet sick.

Khal says farmers market help raise awareness of how to produce real food in addition to supporting the local economy and community.

It is only going to grow as more people open their eyes and realize that supporting local is a more sustainable and healthy way of living.