Zero Waste Month: Growing Fresh

For week three of our Zero Waste Month, we are delving into what Growing Fresh is doing to be more sustainable!

Elevating her own company’s values and vision, Monika says using compostable corn derived plastic cups and wooden spoons for customers of the farmer’s market to use while tasting her products. 

We make organic, vegan, nutrient dense snacks and treats so the environmentally friendly and sustainable theme is already there. Using packaging and taster cups, etc, just goes well with that theme.

Monika says customers appreciate the work she is doing to become more environmentally friendly and she loves having those conversations, whether it be about the success but also any challenges she may face.

The cost of conventional packaging versus environmentally friendly packaging is always a challenge and not all products can be packaged in the most earth friendly manner. Some amount of plastic, even if it’s plant/corn based plastic will need to be used, such as clear cups or plastic lined bags to keep products sealed properly. It’s always a step ninth right direction.

Despite the conventional challenges of going zero waste, Monika says she is always looking for ways to improve her company’s footprint.

I’m always asking myself what can I do better in regards to further reducing waste. And the answers trickle in. Because we are already a plant based food production I think we are ahead anyways.

In speaking with customers, Monika says reducing our waste is for the next generations to come and for the planet too.

We only have one Earth.