Small Space Gardening Tips via Little Miss Mama

Local lifestyle blogger, Tairalyn at shared her tips and tricks for small space gardening last week. Today we’re sharing them with you.


Your only excuse for not growing a garden of your own is, that you thumb is more a shade of purple than it is green. Space is definitely not a issue when it comes to growing a garden of your own. Your garden won’t look traditional, but who ever strives for that anyways? Gardening in a small space can be just as rewarding as one with ample room, with the added bonus of always being close to your beverage. Right? It’s the way I like to garden, shovel in one hand, cool bevvy in the other.

After being inspired by all the amazing gardens online, I decided to bring all my favorites together under one roof, and by roof I of course mean a pinterest board. I have learnt lots, been inspired by many, and more importantly am sharing my tips and tricks for gardening in a small space with you today.

Here is your golden ticket to a beautiful and successful patio garden this year:

Think Vertical
traditionally you grow along the ground, horizontally, but when you have a small space that isn’t always an option. Need more garden real-estate? Grow up. See some of our favorite ideas on our pin-board, Lettuce Turnip the Beet” now. Get inspired and start looking up.

Get Creative
Don’t just think your garden needs to be on land, think hanging baskets, think window boxes, think think think. As long as this container isn’t biodegradable {you wouldn’t want it to eventually give out} and as long as you have ample drainage, you can pretty much grow what you would like in any container. We got a few crazy but a whole lotta’ great idea’s on our pin-board.

Loads of Love
Just like anything that grows, babies included, you’re going to need to give it a ridiculous amount of your love. Watering and sunshine is key, especially if you are gardening on a covered patio {trick: water your vegetables with recycled cooking water. boiling potatoes? steaming broccoli? use the water once cooled to feed your patio vegetable plants}. Make sure they get ample water, sun, and love; the only thing that will get hurt from talking to your plants is your reputation with your neighbors. Make sure to check out all the other fun ways to love your garden on our pin-board, Lettuce Turnip the Beet.


WILL YOU be getting your hands dirty this gardening season?