Getting to Know: Gabi & Jules

Even a small shift towards local shopping can make a tremendous difference.

Gabi & Jules has exploded on to the Tri-City scene with its decor and homemade pies. Expanding from the Cafe Divano chain, Owner Lisa Beecroft ensures the products her bakery creates embody everything that is local.

We endeavour to source local produce for our products whenever possible as pies are a perfect opportunity to highlight seasonal fruits! We’re lucky to live where we do and have access to such delicious high quality fruit.

On top of this, Gabi & Jules products are all made in house. Starting from scratch and made by hand, Lisa and her staff strive for high-quality, homemade styled baked goods.

We make everything we sell at our bakery in Port Moody. Nothing is outsourced so we control every aspect of production to ensure the quality and integrity of our baked goods. We only use butter, use no artificial colours or additives and our pies are served in a reusable pie tin.

In addition to the work they do to support the local community, Lisa and her husband Patrick have opened their lives in a way you won’t see from most business owners.

Inspired by our daughter Juliana who has autism we wanted to create an environment that was inclusive of individuals of all abilities. This inclusive hiring philosophy has greatly enriched our bakery and currently employs seven individuals with autism.

Gabi & Jules, notably named after their two daughters, has grown from simply creating good quality baked goods, to a space where individuals with diverse abilities can learn and grow.

From delivering product to Cafe Divano, aiding the kitchen team, to helping front of house staff, Lisa’s mission is to create a space where everyone is welcomed and included in the process of running her business.

Widely known for producing delicious pies and baked goods with a twist on tradition, staff members always pay close attention to connections made with their customers and guests.

We believe in using only quality ingredients in everything we make and our customers can trust the integrity of the products we produce.

As a local company, the B.C. Buy Local movement is incredibly important to Lisa and her family. She notes, by supporting local businesses, over three times the amount of money can be circulated back in the area than when goods are purchased from a large chain.

You are making a significant difference in the lives of local families when you choose to purchase locally produced products.

Lisa says even a small shift towards local shopping can make a tremendous difference in our communities and local economies.

…but it requires conveying what the value and benefits of buying local are. Increasing people’s awareness of the benefits of shopping locally needs to be a wide-reaching effort as it requires changing people’s habits, so not an easy task.