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“Markets are at the heart of my business.”

Starting a company was not in the books for Karen Curtis. KICS Lemonade grew out of her love of cooking with her mother. Her passing made Karen question whether she could carry on with the company.

“But now I recognize KICS as her legacy. She is the reason I am following my dream.”

What started as a hobby, and a way to bond with her mother, has evolved into something Karen never anticipated. From starting at craft fairs and attending markets as a consumer, KICS Lemonade now looks to provide quality products from trusted vendors.

“I read a novel years ago about a young woman who turned a preserve business into an international retail dynasty and it really sparked a fire in me. Not that I want an international dynasty!”

For Karen and KICS Lemonade obtaining the best ingredients starts with building strong relationships with suppliers. On top of this, sourcing local ingredients is even more important. With citrus based products, the fruit has to come from the United States but apart from that, Karen says her ingredients are from local companies.

“I am always looking for ways to incorporate other vendors products into mine.”

Some things consumers may not know about KICS Lemonade is that KICS is an acronym for Karen, Isla, Curtis, and Summers, and that the little girl on the bottle is actually Karen’s mother. So what’s next for KICS Lemonade? Karen says continuing to look for new ideas and develop products is what she will continue to do in the short term but looking forward, she would love to build the food service side of the company.

“KICS is always evolving but markets are the heart of my business.”

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