Fresh Eats Blog: Radishes

Here at the Coquitlam Farmers Market we are all about local, seasonal and sustainably grown produce. What better way to celebrate the summer months than a fresh take on some familiar foods! This week’s topic: radishes.

Did you know every part of the radish is edible, including the leaves and developing seedpods?

 Did You Know?

Did you know radish plants are ideal for children’s gardens because they grow quickly? The scientific name for the genus that includes radishes is Greek for “quickly appearing.”

This low calorie food is in season in South West British Columbia for the months of June through to October. One cup of radishes is a mere 19 calories!

Recipe of the Week

Brown Butter Pan- Roasted Radishes


2 bunch radishes, assorted colours and types

2 Tbsp (30 mL) oil

½ tsp (2 mL) each salt and pepper

2 Tbsp (30 mL) butter, melted

1 tsp (5 mL) lemon juice

lemon wedges

Radishes are trap crops against pests, protecting the surrounding crops from pests.


Step 1- Trim the radishes so half an inch (1 cm) of the stem is intact; trim and discard roots. Scrub well and dry well. Wash the leafy green tops, dry well and coarsely chop; set aside.

Step 2- Heat the oil in a large skillet set over medium-high heat. Add the radishes, cut side down. Sprinkle with salt. While cooking, shake the skillet occasionally for about five to seven minutes until golden. As an option, stir for an additional three minutes or until lightly coloured all over.

Step 3- Meanwhile, melt the butter in a small saucepan over medium heat. Cook for three minutes or until butter is starting to brown and smell nutty; remove from heat.

Step 4- Stir the brown butter and lemon juice into the radishes. Remove from heat and stir in the chopped greens. Serve with lemon wedges.

Ingredients at the Market

Radishes: Floralia Growers, Forstbauer Farm, Langley Organic Growers and Ripple Creek Organic Farm

Butter: Golden Ears Cheesecrafters

Steps on How To

Radish Planting 101:

Step 1- Place seeds one half to an inch deep and one inch apart into nutrient rich soil. You may choose to add manure or organic fertilizer to help with growth.

Step 2- After they have sprouted space the radishes to about two inches apart. Like most plants, radishes don’t like being over crowded.

Step 3- Radishes need sun. If they are planted in too much shade they will put all their energy into producing larger leaves.

Step 4- Harvest the plants promptly when the radishes are roughly the size of large marbles. This is before the roots get too woody and bitter.

Step 5- As an option, plant consecutively every two weeks or so if the weather is still cool for a continuous harvest of radishes.

Note: You can plant radishes in the fall, later than any other root crop in late summer or early fall and still get a harvest. Sowing radishes in the cooler times (March/April and again August through to October) is recommended. BUT for example, European radishes are planted in spring or summer and have a short cultivation time of three to four weeks.

Radishes in B.C.

The simplicity of growing radishes transitions right over into creating some delicious meals. All you need is a selection of radishes thinly sliced with some olive oil and herbs, and you’ve got yourself a perfect summer salad!

B.C. is one of the largest producers of radishes in Canada. As a country, radishes are a crop valued at more than $10 million.

Get to Know: KICS Lemonade

“Markets are at the heart of my business.”

Starting a company was not in the books for Karen Curtis. KICS Lemonade grew out of her love of cooking with her mother. Her passing made Karen question whether she could carry on with the company.

“But now I recognize KICS as her legacy. She is the reason I am following my dream.”

What started as a hobby, and a way to bond with her mother, has evolved into something Karen never anticipated. From starting at craft fairs and attending markets as a consumer, KICS Lemonade now looks to provide quality products from trusted vendors.

“I read a novel years ago about a young woman who turned a preserve business into an international retail dynasty and it really sparked a fire in me. Not that I want an international dynasty!”

For Karen and KICS Lemonade obtaining the best ingredients starts with building strong relationships with suppliers. On top of this, sourcing local ingredients is even more important. With citrus based products, the fruit has to come from the United States but apart from that, Karen says her ingredients are from local companies.

“I am always looking for ways to incorporate other vendors products into mine.”

Some things consumers may not know about KICS Lemonade is that KICS is an acronym for Karen, Isla, Curtis, and Summers, and that the little girl on the bottle is actually Karen’s mother. So what’s next for KICS Lemonade? Karen says continuing to look for new ideas and develop products is what she will continue to do in the short term but looking forward, she would love to build the food service side of the company.

“KICS is always evolving but markets are the heart of my business.”

Sunday June 25

It’s Member Appreciation Day this Sunday! Members can take advantage of Member Specials at participating vendors. Not a member? Click here to learn more or to sign up!

Member Only Specials available this Sunday:

  • Central Park Farms:  10% off plus a free Central Park Farms reusable market bag with any member purchase
  • Dragon Mist Distillery:  10% off
  • Gesundheit Bakery:  Save $1 off a purchase of $5 or more
  • Juicily Ginger:  Buy one, get second juice 30% off
  • KICS Gourmet:  $1 off dressings
  • Kirina’s Krafts:  Buy TWO of anything get the 3rd 50% off.  Can mix and match items
  • Kizzy’s Macarons:  One free macaron with the purchase of 5 or more!
  • Marie’s Guilt Free:  15% off
  • Pebblestone Publishing:  $3.95 off ($18.00 per book instead of $21.95)
  • Ripple Creek Organic Farm:  Garlic scapes for $2.00/bunch
  • Rockweld Farm:  Whole birds for 10% off
  • Rocky Point Ice Cream:  Free waffle cone upgrade

Don’t forget to stop by for breakfast or lunch at Hunger Management. As always, we will also have Rocky Point Ice Cream and Biscotti Joe on site for your ice cream and caffeine needs!

City of Coquitlam Councillor Craig Hodge will be at market from 9-12. Visit his tent to grab a coffee and treat and chat about all things Coquitlam!

We invite you to join us for our Annual General Meeting at 10am this Sunday. As a member of the public, you are welcome to join us and hear about the activities of the market in 2016 and what we have planned for the future!

This week in the POP Club tent, get the ‘dirt’ on compost and taste radishes in the Two-Bite Club!

We’re celebrating delicious strawberries at the Kids Craft Table! Join us to create a strawberry magnet for your home refrigerator!

We are happy to welcome Todd Brown to market as our musician this week! Come to the market to hear some original songs, as well as some of your favorites from the 60s and 70s!


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