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Q.  Where does the name Satya come from?

The name Satya was chosen by my to reflect what I wanted for my company and for my daughter. It’s found in a number of languages, philosophies and religions but ultimately, Satya means truth. That truth I am always striving to reflect in integrity, decision making and transparency of my product.

Q.  Where did the passion come from to create an alternative to steroid creams?

This product came from my own necessity. My daughter got eczema and only 8 months old and the only option that was given to me by my doctor was steroid creams. I researched into non-toxic anti-inflammatories and created my product in my kitchen. Now, after getting my Health Canada approvals and getting organically certified, I know I have a clean, effective product that I am proud of and that not only helped my own daughter, but many others as well.

 Q.  What is the most commonly asked question you receive at market and what is the response?

I think the first question is always, “Is there any fragrance added?” The answer is absolutely not. Fragrance can be an irritant to so many people, especially those with sensitive skin. That is also why I created this to be so simple and chemical free. People need to know exactly what is going on their skins, and consequently into their systems.

Q.  If you could share 1 thing with our customers, what would that be?

People who suffer with skin issues have often tried and so many products and have already spent A LOT of money trying to get some relief. I try to keep my products affordable for everyone and also have created the travel size for those who want to know how it would be with their specific skin. There is enough in the travel size to try it for a couple of weeks and then when you fall into love with it, buy a jar and refill the tin. That way you can always carry it with you.

Q.  Why do you think farmers markets are important in the community?

Farmers markets ARE community. It’s a chance to see familiar faces and say hello. It’s the place to get the best vegetables and the tastiest treats. It’s a place to discover people who are creating innovative products and making change, sometimes one person at a time. I LOVE my market!


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