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TheChefNose_SpotlightSPOTLIGHT FEATURE SALE: This Sunday at the Poirier Street Farmers Market The Chef Nose will be offering a special deal! Stop by their tent on Sunday and ask for the SPOTLIGHT DEAL: Salmon spice for $5 a bag (regular $8). 

Q. What is the story behind how The Chef Nose begun? 

Mark has been making the Original since he was a chef in Edmonton.  He developed what he then called simply “steak spice” to enhance the flavour of steaks and roasts.  It became a very popular gift for our friends and family at Christmas time but they would run out in a couple of months.  One of those friends encouraged him over the course of 10 years to sell the product.  One summer evening she brought over a bottle of wine and on our back deck….a business was born.

Q. All of your spice blends are amazing, but what do you think is the most popular?

The Original is by far the most popular and the most versatile.  We do however have people who have an absolute dedication to their blend.  One of our customers wants to bulk purchase Veggin Out.

Q. If you could give our shoppers one big tip on how to season meat for the BBQ – what would that be? 

If you are able to plan ahead, cover your meat with the Original and allow it to marinate overnight in the refrigerator.  Take the meat out of the fridge about one hour before you are going to cook it to allow the meat to relax.  Put the meat on a barbecue that is pre-heated.

Q. What is your most commonly asked question at a farmers market and what its he response? 

Who is that picture? or Is that you?  Our response is usually to defend Mark’s nose.  But the business is called The Chef Nose!

Q. Why do you think farmers markets are important in the community?

Farmer’s markets provide a community hub that many of our communities have lost.  They bring people together, even temporarily to have access to local products.  They provide a venue for farmers and small producers to bring their goods to market in an inexpensive way.


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