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If it needs flavor, I’m pretty certain The Salt Dispensary has a salt for that. More specifically over 35 kinds of smoked and flavored salts, meat rubs, 8 kinds of salted caramels and a variety of specialty smoked condiments. We’re feeling pretty lucky that they’ve given us their time to answer some of our questions.

Q. Why smoked salts, what’s the passion behind it?
We were looking for something to replace working for someone else and when we found out about everything you can do with salt and how very few people were taking advantage of it we knew we had found something to pursue and share at the markets.

Q. You have so many different and exotic salt blends, how do you come up with the different flavors?
Some are traditional from different areas and some are experiments. Customer requests for things they either think up or can’t find also play a role. The farm markets are a great place to get direct feedback from customers and ideas for product development.

Q. What would you say to someone about using your salt blends who has only ever used regular salt?
Try it you will be amazed at the flavor experience you can have with just a little of a good quality flavored or smoked sea salt. People are amazed when they try them.

Q. What reaction do you get from a first time smoked salt user?
Usually it’s WOW, people can be speechless and amazed. There are some people who do not enjoy smoked flavors but its usually a smile and a flood of ideas about what they want to try it on.

Q. What is your favorite blend of salt?
It depends on what I’m eating, I really like applewood smoke on tomatoes right now. The Spicy ones are great as well. The new Hickory Garlic is a great combo I’m trying on lots of things.

Q. What’s one of the most popular ways to use your smoked salts, and what’s one of the most creative ways to use your salts?
Many people think of meat immediately for smokes but they work well on sweet things like Ice Cream also. A couple of grains in coffee can really change it also. Spicy salt on fruit is something new for me that some cultures do and is quite good.

Q. What goes into making a smoked, flavored salt blend?
It’s cold smoked until it’s perfect, usually the flavor blends are about getting a nice texture in the end, that’s usually the challenge.


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