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Farmers Markets are traditionally known for their fresh produce and prepared foods from local farms and businesses. And although that is very true, the markets also offer so much more from handmade bags, soaps and marshmallows to chemical-free sunscreen, tandoori mix and chai.

One of our weekly market shoppers, Salma from The Write Balance has been is sharing some of her favorite Farmers Market buys.

Farmers Market Haul

1. Organic Apples
Since reading about the dirty dozen, I’ve been a lot more diligent about washing my fruits and vegetables thoroughly and buying organic and local whenever I can. The farmers markets had at least five different types of delicious, organic apples so I had to pick some up. My favourite part, besides the sweetness? No pesticides to worry about.

2. Natural Beauty Products
When I walked by Nasty Free Naturals at the Farmers Market, for some reason, I was compelled to stop. And am I glad I did! All her products are 100% chemical-free and all natural. I ended up picking up a delicious smelling Body Butter Bar, Dark Chocolate & Orange lip balm (which my 3-year old has stolen from me) and a balm for sore and aching muscles. Next time I want to get their natural Sun Screen.

3. Homemade Seasonings
I also stopped by Amazing Foods to check out their food and ended up taking home a tandoori mix (we love tandoori chicken!) and fennel chai tea which I’m making right now. Mmm, chai.

4. Pickles
My husband loves pickles and once we tried these from JJ’s Country Cookin’ we were hooked! I love that if you save the pickle jar and bring it back, they give you a discount on your next purchase. It’s being thrifty and recycling all in one.

5. Marinara Sauce
My head turned as I was strolling by the 7 Kids Foods stand so I stopped to try their marinara sauce. Omg! It was so good! I picked up a packet for our next pasta night. I know the kids will love it. There is also a great story behind the owners who are two friends with lots of kids between the two of them. One day they decided to put their talents to work and created affordable healthy food to help out parents.

6. Cravings Kettle Corn
There is no photo for this delicious treat that I picked up as we were leaving the market. The reason is that it didn’t last long enough to make it home for the photo. Trust me, this was one snack you’ll want to try next time to you go to the Port Moody Farmers Market!

What is your favourite thing to pick up when you’re at the Farmers Market

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