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One of the most simple and delicious pleasures in life is homemade bread. A Bread Affair takes it to the next level with their love of baking as well as their natural and organic ingredients. We had a chance to chat with them and find out a little more about this bread affair.

Q. Is there honestly any better smell than that of freshly baked bread?
Nothing unless I also have a cup of coffee in my hands.

Q.  What do you love the most about bringing ‘A Bread Affair’ to farmers markets?
My wonderful customers that I get to see every week.

Q. What are your most popular breads?
Our Love At First Bite, Threes Company and Apple of My Eye

Q. What makes ‘A Bread Affair’ different than the rest?
We are Certified Organic which means we are 100% GMO Free and our breads take two days to make because we use natural cultures in all of our breads. In fact, most of our breads are vegan-friendly. Every single loaf of bread we bring to the farmers market is baked just a few hours before. And they are all made with love.

We are also the only bakery that purchases local ingredients for a large part of the bread that we make. For example, the Love at First Bite is made using Pitt Meadow blueberries, Hazelnuts from Bradner and sprouted wheat from Agassiz.

Q. What is your favorite bread?
The Wild Thing, which I eat toasted in the morning with peanut butter.

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