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Why are farmers markets so important? Well, the benefits of them are huge! They not only benefit our lives, but they also benefit the environment and the economy. Farmers markets bring fresh, local produce straight from farmers to consumers. There is less transport, less handling, less refrigeration and less storage which means the food is fresher and doesn’t lose its nutritional value. And, the farmers retain the profits. Supporting your local farmers is always a good thing! The Port Moody Farmers Market is filled with locally sourced foods and handmade wares; you can meet makers, bakers, and growers who bring their goods straight from their workshops and fields to the market every Sunday. It is beneficial to explore the market and see everything that it has to offer; meet the vendors, enjoy local artists at the music tent, meet different community groups, and enjoy doing the different kids activities offered with your children.

Here are the top 4 benefits of why you should shop at your local farmers market:

  1. Stimulates Local Economies
    • Farmers get fair pay when you purchase directly from them.
    • The money spent at farmers markets goes right back into the community at other local businesses.
    • It creates more local jobs.
    • Buying locally supports local agriculture and supports the local economy.
  2. Preserves Farmland and Rural Livelihoods
    • More land is preserved for growing food and not just becoming development sites.
    • Farmers markets allow small and new farms to gain financial security as they build their businesses.
    • The winter markets help to create year-round income for farmers.
    • Enjoy food and goods that are sourced nearby, which benefits the environment by reducing the usage of fossil fuels.
  3. Increases Access to Fresh Food
    • Since the food is not travelling from country to country, it is fresher and healthier.
    • Studies show that farmers market produce is actually cheaper or comparable to supermarkets.
    • Markets create more access to organic foods.
    • See an array of fruits and vegetables that most grocery stores don’t carry, along with locally sourced honey, handmade sauces, and handmade giftware.
    • Learn what is in season as you explore the market, eat fresh and delicious produce, and know where your food is coming from.
  4. Supports Healthy Communities
    • People make healthier food choices when shopping at farmers markets as compared to supermarkets.
    • The market is a great place for farmers to communicate and educate shoppers about healthy produce.
    • Meet the farmers that grow your food; ask them about their farm, their farming practices, and any questions you may have about their produce.
    • Kids make healthier eating choices by participating in programs like the POP Club!
    • It’s an amazing environment to be more social and get to know the people in your community.

So, those are the benefits and reasons why you should continue supporting your local farmers market! This Sunday at the POP tent, kids will be learning a lot more about our market. They will be playing a farmers market version of BINGO where they will get to explore the market and learn more about what’s going on at the market!

Hope to see you there!

If you haven’t yet registered for the program this season, make sure you visit the POP tent to get started!

Learn more about the program here: POP Kids Club

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