Vendor Spotlight: Culture Kefir Co.

We’re thrilled to have a water kefir vendor at our Markets! If you haven’t visited Lyndsay Scott and Culture Kefir, you need to soon! In the meantime, read more about her and her products in this Vendor Spotlight.

When did you first discover water kefir?

I discovered kefir 2 years ago when looking for a natural probiotic for my family. We had been constantly sick, my youngest son was suffering from severe eczema outbreaks coupled with asthma, and my husband had significant digestive issues. Our doctors helped as best they could but we continued to struggle to manage our health. I began researching natural ways that we could improve our health and probiotics kept showing up, specifically kefir. So I reached out to a local woman for a set of starter grains and began brewing kefir at home.

What got you into making water kefir? And how did you develop your delicious flavors?

We started making milk kefir and after seeing wonderfully positive results in our health, I began making water kefir for my husband, who is allergic to milk. Soon everyone in our household preferred the water kefir and drank it daily. Through many rounds of taste testing, we developed a few flavours that our family really enjoyed – Cranberry Turmeric, Strawberry and Mango Ginger. Soon I began making water kefir for family, friends and neighbours as well. Feedback continued to pour in from people that the kefir was improving their health in numerous ways – treating digestive issues, clearing H-pylori infections, relieving eczema outbreaks, improving immune system health, etc. This was when I decided to make water kefir commercially and try to get kefir to as many people as we could.

What exactly is water kefir and how is it different than kombucha?

Water Kefir and Kombucha are both naturally fermented probiotic drinks made from culturing sweetened water with a “mother” SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeasts). From there, Water Kefir differs from Kombucha in 3 distinct ways:
-Caffeine-free: Water kefir does not brew in tea, as kombucha does
-Different Probiotics: The SCOBY of water kefir is composed of different diverse bacteria and yeasts, presenting different benefits to your health
-Mild Flavour: Water kefir fermentation produces a milder, less acidic liquid making a light palatable beverage

What do you enjoy most about selling at farmers markets?

Farmers Markets are a wonderful way to directly meet our customers, develop relationships and speak with them about the benefits of water kefir and how it may help their health. Many people are unfamiliar with water kefir, or that a non-dairy probiotic option exists. Farmers Markets give us a chance to answer questions, provide taste tests, and understand what people are looking for to benefit their health so we can provide a convenient, delicious healthy beverage that they will love.

Why is supporting local important to you?

Local economies are the back bone of our communities. Supporting local makers means helping grow grassroots businesses of our neighbours and friends and seeing success and financial stability loop right back into our home networks. We’re grateful and honored for an opportunity to help support our community through good health and good business.