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Greetings market-goers!

To celebrate the corn harvesting season in B.C, the Coquitlam Farmers Market will be holding a small corn festival with a corn cooking demo and some fun corn facts at our next market, August 11th. Our local farmers will be bringing a selection of freshly harvested corn varieties for sale. Today’s blog is a showcase of some corn varieties brought for sale by our various vendors!

Peaches and Cream Corn

This distinctive variety is best known for its mix of yellow and white kernels. Enjoyed for its sweet flavor and tender texture,

peaches and cream corn is a variety to enjoy. B.C farmers plant this variety in the late spring and early summer, when warm soil temperatures and the moist, well-drained soil provide ideal growing conditions. Under full sun, it is one of the fastest maturing corn varieties, and goes from seedling to harvest in only 70 days. As such, it is generally available midsummer. A good starting crop for beginner corn growers!

At the Coquitlam Farmers Market, you can find the Peaches & Cream variety at Maan farms and Mandair farms. Stop by for a sweet treat!

Yellow Sweet Corn

Yellow Sweet Corn is the term for a group of general varieties that are bred for human consumption. Most corn species grown worldwide are

not suited for cooking, and are used in animal feed, oils or processed foods. Yellow Sweet Corn, however, contains a recessive mutation that turns the starch in the kernels to sweet sugar. Although this makes for a delicious, nutritious treat, the simple sugars more prone to decay and must be cooled right after harvest and eaten fresh.

Yellow Sweet Corn prefers temperatures between 60F and 100F in moist, well-drained soils. Harvest occurs in 60-100 days from a late spring or early summer planting. Make sure to enjoy this treat while it lasts!

General yellow sweet corn can be found at Crisp Organics.

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