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How do you ensure that your coffee is of the best quality?

Freshness is key, roasted coffee does not keep fresh for too long and tends to be very sensitive to storage and handling. Right now, we ensure we buy our coffees from the small local roasters and only after personally sampling the product. Second, is the art of grinding and brewing with the right amount and for the right time! Minor variations have a major impact when it comes to brewing coffee and keeping each cup consistent for our customers is our biggest challenge and reward! We can not wait to start roasting our own coffee beans so as to be able to control the process to perfection.

Some interesting facts about running a coffee car?

You have to be a barista, driver, mechanic, shopkeeper, stock keeper all at the same time! and face a varying working environment each day, which makes it both fun and challenging. It can be nice and sunny or it could be rainy and slushy, regardless to be able to make a drink for a stranger and make their day is so rewarding.

In what ways do the Brewnetti team like their coffee?

We serve the best quality espresso, so we do not believe in blending too many complicated flavours to mask the awesome taste of fresh espresso. We love all our drinks but we are most proud of our drinks called Café Rosa! and Crème Brulee. They are subtle yet flavourful and have the right amount of kick! Both when served hot or iced.

What do you enjoy the most about selling at farmers markets?

Being face to face with customers and getting instant feedback and compliments from them. Meeting other local vendors and understanding their perspectives. The vibe is so friendly and we love that families come out with their kids and pets. It does not feel like work at all, the busier the day the more energizing it is !

Why is growing local important to you?

We have been so humbled by the kindness and support of local communities and customers overall, it has grown our confidence and faith that we are doing something meaningful and contributing in a positive manner to the society. We have also come to appreciate the organizers of the market and all other vendors who come together to be able to host such events for the local communities to come out, get value and connect.

Stop by Brewnetti Cafe for a cup of hot morning coffee at the Coquitlam Farmers Market on August 4th and 11th!

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