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What makes Samaya Delights stand out in comparison to other bakeries at the farmer’s market?

Samaya Delights is a vegan bakery that specializes in Mediterranean desserts. Very rarely do you find vegan delights from that part of the world, which is why we wanted to make our cultural food accessible to as many people as possible. All of our products are handcrafted and made to order meaning everything is as fresh as can be. 

How did you come to baking? What inspired your recipes?

I grew up in the Middle East and was taught how to bake by my mom. I loved baking growing up and have continued to love it even after moving to Canada. Being exposed to new trends, flavours, and culture encouraged me to blend these two cultures in my baking. My recipes are traditionally Mediterranean with a Canadian twist! Vancouver’s food culture is very progressive whether that may be through homegrown or local foods and I wanted to be a part of that which is why I make the majority of my products vegan.

In what ways do you ensure that your products are both healthy and delicious?

We use no added ingredients other than natural and raw. Using recipes passed on from generations ensure the products are as healthy as can be in that special item you buy from Samaya Delights. 

What do you enjoy the most about selling to farmers markets?

My family and I love the whole experience of the farmers market. Getting to know the other vendors, customers, and organizers is our favourite part. We feel part of an amazing community that really cares about the experience it offers. It is more than a place to sell our product.

Why is growing local important to you?

Although not all ingredients are local, we try to buy when possible. Local ensures freshness and quality is usually superior. Also supporting the local business ensure the local community grows. Interdependence benefits all at the end.


Samaya Delights will be present at our markets on the 28th of July and 4th of August – make sure you stop by for a tasty Mediterranean treat!

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