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How does Sweet Thea differentiate its baked goods from those found at the grocery store, or other bakeries?

We are a scratch bakery, which is very rare in the lower mainland (most bakeries rely on premixes).  Everything we produce is the best product possible, made only with raw ingredients.  There are no shortcuts in our bakery – every detail is important – the look, the smell, the flavor, the crumb, the mouth feel – are all considered when preparing an item.   The eating experience is essential and we like to keep our eaters happy.  We use simple ingredients – no preservatives, no chemicals, no gimmicks.

What are some interesting facts about working in a bakery that many would not know?

Ingredients are never the same from day to day. Our style of traditional European pastries require constant vigilance – you cannot just follow a recipe and get consistent results.  Weather and humidity is as important to a baker as it is to a farmer!

What is your favourite baked good / pastry to enjoy?

Our christmas stollen is the highlight of our year, every year.  And we all swoon when our fragrant hearth breads come out of the oven!

What do you enjoy the most about selling at farmers markets?

That’s a huge question!  We love feeding people who appreciate what we are doing; we love watching babies turn into cookie munching kids, and then to lemon tart loving teens!  Perhaps best is we love interacting with our fellow vendors – we feel very blessed to be on the ‘front line’ of  fresh fruit and vegetables, to be among the first to try delicious treats from inspired fellow artisans.  Local cheese, fresh spinach, crispy apples, tart raspberries – every market we share the joy our customers do, in finding out what is new today.

Why is growing local important to you?

The villains of this world are trying to turn everything into assets in their bank accounts.  Supporting local is one of the few ways we can stand against this filthy tide of greed.

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