Plants 101

What are plants?

Plants are living organisms that are extremely important to life on Earth. Plants provide food for both humans and other animals. They are crucial in allowing us to breathe by converting the CO2 we breathe out back into oxygen for us to breath in. Additionally, Earth is covered in thousands of edible plants and provide us with variety in our diets and necessary nutrients. Plants are made up of many different parts, each with their own important role that it plays for the plant.

Parts of a plant:

Roots – roots are a vital part of a plant’s structure that plays a role in both its ability to survive as well as thrive

Stem – stems are attached to the roots and carry water and nutrients to the rest of the plant

Leaves – leaves are where the food for the plant is made in a process called photosynthesis. Leaves capture sunlight and use it to make sugar for the plant.

Flower – flowers are the reproductive units of plants and create seeds. Flowers are bright to attract pollinators which helps with fertilization.

Fruit – fruit are the seed factories of plants; formed during fertilization. Seeds are dispersed by wind, water, and animals, under the right conditions the seed will then form another plant.

On Sunday June 30 our POP Club kids will be learning about the different parts of a plant as well a what role they play, learn more about the POP Club here and visit us at the market to register.

The POP Club is a farmer’s market-based kids program. Children (ages 5 – 12 years old) will learn about fruits and vegetables, local food systems and healthy food preparation through fun activities all season long.

Each week children will earn a $3 market token to use towards any fruit or vegetable of their choice. There is no cost to participate and the program runs every Sunday rain or shine!