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Exploring the Market

The Coquitlam Farmers Market is filled with locally sourced foods and handmade wares; you can meet makers, bakers, and growers who bring their goods straight from their workshops and fields to the market every Sunday. It is beneficial to explore the market and see everything that it has to offer; meet the vendors, enjoy local artists at the music tent, meet different community groups, and enjoy doing the different kids activities offered with your children.

Benefits of shopping at your local farmers market:

Great variety – see an array of fruits and vegetables that most grocery stores don’t carry, along with locally sourced honey, handmade sauces, and handmade giftware

Eat seasonally – learn what is in season as you explore the market, eat fresh and delicious produce, and know where your food is coming from

Great prices – find great prices on local and organic fruit and vegetables that taste good and are good for you

Buy local – buying locally supports local agriculture and supports the local economy. Enjoy food and goods that are sourced nearby, which benefits the environment by reducing the usage of fossil fuels

Get to know your farmers – meet the farmers that grow your food; ask them about their farm, their farming practices, and any questions you may have about their produce


On Sunday June 9 our POP Club kids will get out and explore the market through a BINGO activity, learn more about the POP Club here and visit us at the market to register.

The POP Club is a farmer’s market-based kids program. Children (ages 5 – 12 years old) will learn about fruits and vegetables, local food systems and healthy food preparation through fun activities all season long.

Each week children will earn a $3 market token to use towards any fruit or vegetable of their choice. There is no cost to participate and the program runs every Sunday rain or shine!

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