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Everyone’s talking about Ca Croustille’s delicious croissants! If you haven’t picked up one of their fabulous creations, find them at the Market soon! In the meantime, learn more about them here:

Where does your love of croissants and pastries come from, and how did you hone your skills?

My love for baking came from my background – I am born and raised in France, and of course bakery has a big place in our life.  When I was in grade 6, my school teacher had us do one week immersed in a profession to prepare us for adult life. I ended up in my neighborhood bakery and the week that I spent there was amazing. The team was really friendly, and of course I enjoyed the baking! So when I was 16, I start working in the bakery. I took courses and I had my 1st baking diploma in 2008 and my second in 2010.  In France there is a difference between the breadmaker and a pastry chef, so my first seven years as a baker I was only a bread maker. I started traveling and felt like I was missing something – pastry skills! So I came back to France, took pastry classes and received two diplomas in pastry.  In 2015, I got a call from a bakery in Vancouver who wanted to hire me. I secured a visa, and here I am!  I worked two and half years at the bakery, and then started Ca Croustille with Sebastien.

What is your production process like? Where do you source your ingredients?

As a baker, we have to live the baker life, and that means that all the production is done at night. The product proofs overnight, and is baked early in the morning.  Our main supplier provides all of our ingredients, which is very convenient! But, I also love buying products from farmers markets such as jam, eggs, or apple butter.

What are your favorite types of food to cook at home?

Since I’ve been selling at farmers markets, I have been enjoying the fresh products to use in my home cooking! I love cooking at home and mostly cook French dishes, such as vegetables, pies, soups, and gratin!

What do you like most about selling at farmers markets?

I love doing farmers markets! I feel I am a part of a community and enjoy the person to person interaction.

Why is supporting local important to you?

It’s important to know what’s on your plate, how your product is made, and to be sure that your food is not processed – it’s your body after all!! Farmers Markets are an important way to decrease your carbon footprint, too!

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