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Many of you will recognize Catherine and Trevor of Wheelhouse Seafoods from the Port Moody Winter Market. However, they will be new faces in Coquitlam this summer! Read more about them and their business, and be on the lookout for a seafood workshop with them at the market this September!

What got you starting in the fishing industry?

Wheelhouse Seafoods started in 2001. Trevor’s family on his mothers side were all fishermen out of Steveston, part of the Japanese Canadian fishing community, and his mother and aunts also worked at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery. Later, Trevor worked both in fish plants and (briefly) fishing himself. Catherine’s father was a sailor and worked on the tug boats and the waterfront. Her background was mostly in the restaurant business. So together we opened Wheelhouse Seafoods to provide the best, local seafood. We have recently expanded into food service, serving many of our seafood items hot off the grill.

Is there a peak season for BC seafood?

There is a peak seafood season in B.C which is basically March to Sept. This is when there is fresh halibut, salmon, sablefish, spot prawns etc. available. Year-round, certain items such as rock fish, sole and cod are still available fresh, but the supply is often more limited.

What would you like customers to know about local seafood?

The one thing we would like consumers to know is the value of fresh, local, sustainable fish and seafood – especially these days. A lot of people complain about the price of seafood, and it certainly is not cheap! But, there is a reason for that. A huge amount of B.C seafood gets exported out of the country which drives the price up, and fishing sustainably is a very expensive enterprise. BC seafood is a valuable commodity, but it is worth every penny compared to the cheaper, farmed fish that is widely available.

What is your favourite thing about selling at farmers markets?

Our favourite thing about selling at Farmers markets is being able to talk directly to our customers about our products and developing relationships with them. We feel its very important to purchase your seafood from someone you trust!

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