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Florence & Hunter is an example of a local company supporting local through their products. This soap company uses local ingredients, and even local printers, to bring their beer soap to market. And, did you know there are many benefits to using beer soap? Find out more about this Port Moody vendor, and visit them at market soon!

What got you interested in crafting soap and body products from local beer?
I started soaping in general because I wanted a better alternative for lotions and soaps than what is commercially produced and sold in stores. With already being a part of the beer industry on brewers row I had access to beer and when I did the research of the benefits, I decided to play around with soaping with beer. I formulated a recipe that made amazing soap that I fell in love with. Each brewery on brewers row donated the first growler of beer for me to get going in spring of 2017 and I have been hooked on beer soap ever since. I think I get most excited that I use supplies from a local company, print labels from a local port moody company, and use beer from port moody. My whole focus is on local products and community,

Without giving away too many secrets, how is the beer incorporated and processed into your products?
Quite simply, I use uncarbonated beer fresh from the can in place of water in the making process of the soap. When the soap is complete you can not smell the beer. I add essential and fragrance oils to the soap to scent them all differently. Only the healthy benefits remain inside.

What are the benefits of body products made with craft beer?
I love this question because a lot of people are surprised at just how many benefits there are! The hops in the beer have skin softening amino acids to help soothe your skin. The brewers yeast used in the soap acts as an antibacterial agent which can be a great aid for acne. The beer also has vitamin B and other moisturizing vitamins for your skin that create a frothy lather when used, This soap can be used not only for cleaning your body but also for washing hair and frothing up for shaving!

Why do you feel that shopping local is important?
I am all about supporting the community, and shopping locally does just that. It keeps a connection within the community which is the biggest reason I love what I do. Creating Florence&Hunter has connected me with so many great suppliers, vendors, and people within the community – that is the real reason I do what I do.

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