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You may have already discovered Marco and Katie of Cascadia Bakehouse and their delicious treats, loaves, crackers, and more! If not, be sure to visit them at the market soon, and read more about them and their love of baking and markets.

How did you get interested in baking?
Marco: I Grew up observing, cooking and of course, eating. I pursed my artistic endeavours through animation school at Capilano University and then followed my passion for food by enrolling in the advanced baking program at Vancouver Community College. I spent a lot of time watching the food network, testing dozens of loaves and rolling more croissants then my family could stomach.

Katie: I also grew up in a family with a love for baking and cooking. After graduating with a major in nutrition, I became interested in having a hands-on approach and enrolled in the San Francisco Baking Institutes’s Bread and Pastry Program where I fell in love with viennoiserie and pastries.

Coming back home, Marco and I met each other while working together at a local bakery. Continuing to pursue our passions, we went on to work in various bread, pastry and chocolate shops including Terra Breads, Chez Christophe, Liberty, Nelson the Seagull, Patisserie LeBeau and Beyond Bread.

What is your favorite part about selling at Farmers Markets?
We have had such a positive experience with the Port Moody Farmers Market and find that the interactions with customers is our favourite part. Whether a new or returning customer, we love to talk about food and baking and are more than happy to share details about our products, the natural ingredients in them or how it’s made. And so it’s a real treat to be able to point out the local vendors who have grown, raised and farmed the eggs, fruits and vegetables we often use in our baked products.

Why is buying local important to you?
Buying local is an important part of our business as our baked goods really do reflect the quality from local farmers and producers. Not only do we enjoy the ingredients, but buying local also helps to build relationships as you can put a face to a name. We do make a big effort to use local ingredients when we can. Buying local supports a local economy, is better for the environment, keeps local farmers in business and supports the notion of eating with the seasons.

Tell us something about yourselves that your customers may not know.
Back in 2014, we worked on the Famiglia Creanza olive grove in Altamura, Italy for 3 weeks. We picked, sorted and carried hundreds of pounds of olives everyday and at night explored some of the most beautiful areas within the region. This experience has stayed with us as we continue to use this olive oil in our everyday cooking and in the focaccia we sell at the market.

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