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Rockweld Farm is all about fresh, local and natural foods! Owners and operators Tim and Flo Rempel raise small flocks of 600 to 1,500 chickens across one and a half acres on their Abbotsford farm.

Our chicken and eggs are Certified Organic fed, BCSPCA Certified, and raised without any medication.

The Rempels have been apart of farmers markets for many years and love being able to bring their products closer to many consumers homes’.

We attend farmers markets to get more of our product out to the
consumer and not have to wholesale – no middle person! Farmers market people are great and loyal customers.

In addition to chicken and eggs that Rockweld is known for, you can also find 100% chicken sausages; raw and smoked, gluten free and sodium nitrite free.

…And all of our sausage casings are made from seaweed and they taste great!

Rockweld Farm stemmed from the Rempels desire to grow better tasting, humanely raised chicken and eggs.

We can provide our customers fresh, local, good food. All of our
products direct to the consumer, at our farm store in Abbotsford and at farmers markets.

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