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Wah Fung Farm is a family run farm from Richmond. Their 15 acre farm off of Steveston Highway is run by Steve and Angela, and also many other family members! As farmers, one question they ask themselves is, “how can I guarantee I provide the best products to my customers?

Check out these lovely farmers each week at the market. They love to talk about what they do, how they grow, and you will see how fresh their veggies are at the market each Sunday!

Eat fresh, eat local, stay healthy! By purchasing your produce from farmers markets, you know where all your vegetables come from.

Steve and Angela believe supporting local farmers helps being fresh local products to the community.

As people are paying close attention to their health, they would like to buy as much local food as they can since they will be able to eat the fresher products and know where these products come from.

They like to specialize in common chinese crops such as: gai lan, choi sum, fung choi, yam leaves, unique kinds of radishes and kholrabi.

This Sunday just may be their last market of the season.  Wah Fung Farm is a farm that commits to providing the freshest of produce and believe that in- season produce is vital not only because of weather, but also to show customers what is local in our growing region.  When they are not at the market, they know that within their means, they are 100% doing what they can for the Coquitlam market residents!

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