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Zdenka Cukor and her husband Vladimir have been providing customers of the Coquitlam Farmers Market their honey filled goods almost since its’ inauguration!

Vlad’s Apiary produces high quality local honey and other bee related products.

My husband Vladimir started the business. At that time he had above five hundred hives and many different varieties of high quality local honey and other bee related products.

Zdenka, a prominent figure on market day has created strong bonds with many of her customers.

I do believe trying local is important because all products are quality.

Zdenka says participating in farmers markets is a great way for people to explore her creations.

Honey is a natural sweetener produced by honey bees. There is no process; I only extract honey and bottled in the jars.

When choosing your honey, a general rule is: the lighter the honey, the milder the flavour. For all honey connoisseurs, young and old, you are bound to find something to fulfill your pallets thanks to Vlad’s Apiary!

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