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By the way, would like to say big THANK YOU for all people I have met on FM!

Finding inspiration from longstanding traditions, Arnalia 100% Natural Health and Beauty has unveiled a new way to look after our skin.

Tatsiana Maiseyeva says all you need to help fight some disease is closer than people think.

Do you know where the best herbs grow, that can heal you from disease? Just at your door. Closer to your home, better for you and for your health.

Arnalia uses unique Siberian Cedar Nut oil made by ancient technology. Maiseyeva says in addition to this, having our skin care products based in natural ingredients, eliminates one more thing in our life that could contain artificial ingredients.

I think, all what Creator gave to us on Earth is the most beneficial and healthiest for us. I trust only in his creation as the best quality and its effect to our body and health.

For Maiseyeva, participating in farmers market is important because she wants the public to be informed about good quality products but also for Arnalia to further understand and help its community.

Your community helps you. Both have most benefits. Local sustainability. We try to diverse variety of rear plants, trees, insects, bees by creating Kin’s Domain. All people,who purchase Arnalia products help in this creation.

Maiseyeva says all of the unique recipes she uses come from her grandmother “with love.”

It is really hard to find a good quality oil for skin and body care product.

On top of finding natural ingredients, Maiseyeva goes one step further, making sure to research what goes into their production and packaging.

…And as the most important, energy of the owner, founder or producer, his lifestyle and own health and happiness.


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