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Real Meals – Written by Anne Ladouceur

Real Meals is a perfect name for the company Sarah began two years ago when her youngest started kindergarten. Until then, she had worked nights and her husband days, but with both boys in school, she was free to become a day person again. From conversations with other parents came the idea for Real Meals.

Parents wanted their families to eat better but there just isn’t enough time, between commuting to work, getting the kids to school and soccer/gymnastics, etc. Sarah had always loved cooking – something she had done with her grandmother growing up. Her idea of a great time is going into the kitchen, throwing on some music and cooking up a storm.

Before launching Real Meals, Sarah worked together with a ‘Chef Consultant’ who helped her tweak the recipies for the dishes she planned on offering.  She was aiming for “good old home-style cooking that was restaurant grade” and clean (certified organic and natural ingredients).

Whether you’re a working parent, a senior living alone, a single professional, or someone who can’t always cook a healthy meal from scratch but wants to avoid processed and chemical filled foods, you’re going to want to try one of Sarah’s real meals. I particularly appreciate the fact that the meals – soups, stews & chilis and casseroles – come in containers that are both microwave and oven save.

Real Meals will be at the Port Moody Farmers Market until the end of April and then again in the Fall.  Find out more, or place an order here: www.eatrealmeals.com

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