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Did you know March has been dubbed “Nutrition Month” for over 30 years!? The primary purpose of the campaign was to increase public awareness about the importance of healthy eating by identifying dietitians as the most credible source of food and nutrition information. 

This year we are partnering with the BC chapter of Dietitians of Canada to bring you “Take the Fight out of Food: Spot the Problem, Get the Facts, Seek Support”!

On March 26th find your local dietitians’ booth at the market to get the facts and receive support in:

  • A balanced plate, one-dish meals for your family: Cooking demonstration and take home recipes.
  • How to use herbs and spices, taking the pressure off the salt shaker: Cooking demonstration and handouts.

Dietitians Kaitlin and Lillian are thrilled to join us at the market to help celebrate and excite local families on all things Nutrition!

It is bound to be a fun and educational event; take it from us, you don’t want to miss out!

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