Getting to Know: Gabi & Jules

G&J Baking 8

Gabi & Jules is the new kid on the block…literally. Named after owner Lisa Beecroft’s two daughters, Gabi & Jules is a supplemental brand to Caffe Divano with an emphasis on artisanal pies along with jams, breads, scones and muffins.

The idea for the new company grew out of a conversation with one of Caffe Divano’s bakers a little over a year ago. When asked what would make them happier in their job, one of the Caffe Divano’s bakers response was “Let me make pies!” ¬†First the idea, then the research, followed by implementation, and earlier this year, a booth at the Farmers Market. The project has taken on a life of its own and Gabi & Jules will soon have its own bakery in Port Moody.

The pie flavours are seasonal with the ingredients sourced locally whenever possible. The plan is to stick with British Columbia fruit. G&J pies are made with butter not lard, and are baked in re-useable tins rather than disposable aluminum foil pie tins. The jams include unique varieties such as Peach Chai Conserve and Okanagan Peach & Nectarine Conserve, which, like the pies, feature ‘twists’ on traditional jams. Zucchini Pineapple Marmalade is coming soon.¬† Current pie offerings include Traditional Apple, Blueberry Peach, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Hazelnut and Honey Maple Pecan.

“Our pies and jams are not super sweet so that we can really taste the fruit. ‘Real Food’ like our grandmothers used to make!” Lisa also pointed out that we can pronounced everything on the ingredients list.

Gabi & Jules will be at the Port Moody Winter Farmers Market every Sunday so you can return the re-usable pie plate and jam jars and get your deposit back. In addition to this environmentally friendly policy, Gabi & Jules has a partnership with a Tri-Cities charity. The Autism Support Network receives a percentage of each Gabi & Jules sale.

Written by: Anne Ladouceur