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SPOTLIGHT FEATURE SALE: This Sunday at the Poirier Street Farmers Market Gabi & Jules Homemade Pies & Baked Goodness will be offering a special deal! Stop by their tent on Sunday and ask for the SPOTLIGHT DEAL: Buy any pie on Sunday and get 3 FREE Coconut Macaroons.

Q. Where does the name Gabi & Jules come from? 

Gabi & Jules is named after our two daughters Juliana and Gabriela.  Our eldest daughter Juliana is autistic so we felt strongly that this company should have a community giving component. To that end we have partnered with the Autism Support Network, a tri-cites based charity that helps supports parents of autistic children.

Q. What makes your baked goods stand out from other bakeries? 

All our pies are handmade in Port Moody and we’ve endeavoured to ensure that the whole Gabi and Jules pie experience is memorable and brings back those warm fuzzy memories of enjoying pie when you were a kid! From the pie box to the reusable pie tin to using only quality, real ingredients, our pies are for serious pie lovers.  We want the fruit in the pies to “shine” and not be masked by unnecessary sugary sweetness. Finding that perfect amount of “sweetness” is the goal with all of our products from our jams to our bake-at-home scones mixes and our (delicious!) granola.

Q. If you had to pick just one – which pie is your absolute favourite? 

Picking my favourite pie is like picking my favourite child! So let’s instead say that my current favourite is Strawberry Ginger Peach. This pie is so fresh and delicious with whole slices of peaches and fresh ginger root that beautifully compliment the sweet strawberries. It’s a unique flavour that keeps people coming back for more!

Q. What is your best selling item? 

Traditional Apple Pie! There is something sentimental it seems about Apple Pie and definitely our most popular.

Q. Why do you think farmers markets are important in the community? 

Farmers markets are such a wonderful part of our community as they create the rare opportunity to meet and interact with the people who make, bake and grow the items you purchase. In our world of online shopping and big-box stores the chance to create personal connections are increasingly limited but farmers markets create a fantastic place to make those connections and appreciate where things come from. Knowing to the person and the story behind all of the unique items you can find at the market is an invaluable part of building a thriving local community and we’re so thrilled to be a part of the Coquitlam Market.


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