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Nasty Free Naturals Feature photo

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE SALE: This Sunday at the Port Moody Farmers Market, Nasty Free Naturals will be offering a special deal just for you.  If you stop by her booth and ask for the spotlight deal, you will get to purchase “Bug Off” Spray for $9 (regular price $10.) *This offer has now expired.*

Q. Nasty Free Naturals are 100% All Natural, Healthy, Handmade Home and Beauty Products. Why did you decide to start making these products at home?
A really good friend of mine got me started on my all-natural journey years ago. She taught classes on how to make all-natural product. I loved her classes and my own passion was born from them. It began with me tinkering with it for fun, making product for my family and friends. Once my two boys came along, I realized I didn’t want to work in Corporate Downtown anymore. I was encouraged by my growing fan base of friends and family to pursue my aromatherapy “hobby” as something I could do while allowing me to be flexible for my boys. I received my certificate in Aromatherapy from West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy and my little business was born!

Q. What goes into the process of making one item?
Every item is different. But it really starts with me doing my homework. Knowing the reputable suppliers for essential oils and ingredients. You wouldn’t believe how different they can be! I work in small batches. I try to never make more than 12 to 16 of any product at a time. It allows me to maintain a fresh supply for my customers and also maintain my own strict level of quality control.

Q. Why are your products so popular?
Thank you for calling my products popular! I think my loyal customer base comes from trying the product and it working for them. I love nothing more than having someone come back to me and saying “I love your deodorant/bug-spray/face cream” … Word of mouth has been a huge part of my success as well, and for that I am thankful! I’m also very chatty with everyone who comes by. I love answering all their questions. In doing so, it’s very helpful for them to make their decision because they now know the ingredients in what they are buying; why those ingredients are in there and their benefits.

Q. Some of your most popular items are the sunscreen and bug spray. They offer the same protection as the ones we buy in stores except for the fact that they are chemical-free. If that is the case, why are they still made with chemicals and why do people still buy them?
I wish I could answer that. The fact that these known carcinogens are still allowed in these products is beyond me. As for why people still buy them, I honestly think they just haven’t done their homework. Knowledge is power. And when you know better, you can choose better. Slowly but surely people are coming around.

Q. You primarily sell your products on your website and at the farmers market. Why do you think farmers markets are such an important part of the community?
I love the sense of community that they foster. Seeing families out spending time together, picking up their fresh local food for the week ahead, supporting local. I see a lot of the same faces each week. My boys love the markets and all their amazing offerings. They know most of the vendors by name, and the customers too. It’s just a wonderful vibe.

Q. What are some of your favorite products to make and use?
My favourite products to make and use are my Soothe the Soul Peppermint and Eucalyptus Bath Salts. I am seriously addicted. Also, my Bug-Off Bug Spray. I am not exaggerating when I say I am an absolute magnet for mosquitos. MAGNET. As is my oldest son. So my Bug Off is a life saver for us. It really works! Products I use every day and I cannot be without is my line of Face Food. Cleanser, toner and most importantly, my Green Tea and Rose Moisturizer. I would have to say that moisturizer is one of my favourite products to make. There is something about watching the magic of all these incredible ingredients coming together to make this beautiful, creamy lotion! It gets me every time!

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Thank you to everyone who played along in this week’s Facebook & Instagram giveaway for a chance to win a $10 credit to spend at the Port Moody Farmers Market. This weeks winner is Jenny Gasparini via Facebook. Congratulations and please send an e-mail to admin@makebakegrow.com to claim your prize.

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