Market Love

Local Blogger, Jamie from Styling the Inside wrote all about her experience shopping the market with her family. She shared it on her site, and now we’re sharing it here, it’s just too good not to.


Do you like to support local businesses, farmers and vendors? Shop for organic, local produce, and reduce carbon footprint? Well, I do. Which is why, on Sunday, our family and my friend’s son,  paid a visit to the Port Moody Farmers Market!

It was a partly cloudy day, and we made it just before the rain. When we arrived, the first stand that caught our eye was the  Cravings kettle corn! Our feet lead us directly to the stand where we were kindly asked if we wanted to try some. Naturally, all of us were eager for a taste, and after a few bites… we couldn’t resist. Needless to say, we bought a large bag! As we walked around checking out the rest of the stands, our mouths were full of popcorn. It was sooo good!!!

The next stand we stopped at was a stand with pies, and desserts. We all tasted a piece of cookie, and then my lack of resistance kicked in once again and… I bought the kids a giant oatmeal, chocolate chip one. I’m a sucker for those taste tests, I tell ya. I really wanted to buy a pie, but because this was only the second stand we looked at, I wanted to have a look at my other options before buying the giant pie. But man, the apple pie looked delicious. I love warm apple pie and vanilla ice-cream. O.k, I need to stop writing about it. I’m craving pie now.

As we walked around the stands, taste testing, and browsing everything the market has to offer, live music was being played.  In addition, Participaction was situated directly in the middle of the market, with a ton of outdoor play equipment for the kids to enjoy, which included hula hoops, skip ropes, balls, and best of all, two child-sized wheel chairs, for the children to practice cruising around on. My youngest daughter, did not want to get off!

Perhaps, our breakfast wasn’t large enough that morning before we left the house, because we seriously tasted everything! Tea, desserts, jams, humus, salsa,  chips and even…vodka! Yes, I had a taste of vodka!

The girls were drawn to a hair accessory stand because the table was scattered with beautiful  handmade hair bands, clips, and accessories in all sorts of lovely colors. Both my girls purchased  a set of clips, and my friend’s son, browsed the table, thoughtfully thinking of the girls in his life that might like the clips (someone’s going to be a lady’s man).

Before we left, we let the kids play in the outdoor area with all the play equipment one last time.  While I watched them, I gobbled up kettle corn, while my daughter hollered, ” Don’t eat it all!”  And,  on our way out, I remembered why I came…to grab a bit of fresh produce. So, I grabbed two heads of fresh, local organic kale (I love using kale in my daily green smoothies) and we were off.



All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed the Port Moody Farmers Market and we can’t wait to go back! The next time we go, the girls would love to try one of the workshops, like the Mason Bee Jar one that was going on while were there.

Do you have a local farmers market you enjoy going too? I’m so happy we’ve discovered ours!

//Two heads of Kale from Langley Organic Growers, Kettle Corn from Cravings Kettle Corn, Humus from Bobali, fresh Salsa from Lupita, Smoked Cumin Powder from Amazing Foods, Sugar Free Jam from JJ’s Country Cookin’, and a Ukranian pastry from Solodko! We also bought a cookie, (but the evidence is gone) , and the girls got pretty handmade hair clips.//