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SPOTLIGHT FEATURE SALE this Sunday at the Port Moody Farmers Market, make sure to stop by Cravings Kettle Corn because they have a special deal for you. If you buy one bag of their kettle corn, you will get a second bag for FREE! All you have to do is stop by their stand and let them know you want the Spotlight Deal or show them this feature on your phone.

The name says it all, Cravings Kettle Corn. If you have a craving, then this delicious kettle corn will definitely curb it. What is even better is the story of success behind this timeless snack, that of Michael Kozak, a young entrepreneur who worked hard to taste success.
Q. How did Cravings Kettle Corn get started?
I have been a candy chef for almost 10 years and I was working at an established candy shop learning how to make chocolate, fudge, caramel brittle, caramel corn, candy apples, and lots of other delicious specialties. I soon became a manager and I was very ambitious so I looked to take my skills elsewhere. In March 2011 I met a kettle corn owner who was selling his kettle corn equipment, I worked hard to see if this was something I was willing to pursue as a career, and 6 months later I bought the kettle corn equipment. I came up with the name “Cravings” because it really speaks to people that crave great candy.

Q. Why do you think it is so popular, besides being so delicious?
The kettle corn is so popular because most people like popcorn and it’s one of the great snacks that you have known your whole life. What makes our company special is that we offer a twist on the original popcorn and add dimensions of flavor to satisfy your taste buds. Plain popcorn is a whole grain, high in vitamins and fiber, and gluten free. Now we add a little bit of sugar and salt to the mix and give this great naturally delicious snack the flavor that it deserves.

Q. How many flavours do you carry and what are the favourites?
Most of the time we carry 2-4 types of kettle corn and caramel corn, I have made hundreds of flavors. Everyone loves the Sweet and Salty kettle corn so now we are calling it Classic Kettle Corn. We also make any color and flavor of kettle corn from Maple to Strawberry and Lime Kettle Corn. Caramel popcorn has more options for creating great recipes, because of the rich and creamy caramel, we can add much more depth to the flavors. Our best seller is salted vanilla bean caramel corn. The most popular specialty flavor is Dark & Stormy Caramel Corn and that’s the rich caramel made with dark rum, Indian Ginger, and Lime powder. We really do aim Satisfy Your Cravings!

Q.  You started at the Coquitlam Farmers Market and now your business has grown immensely! Why do you think farmers markets are so important?
We were still committed to staying true to our roots with being at 5 farmers markets per week. We choose farmers markets since we like the great community. All the vendors, that we see every week, are almost like family and we feel such a generous and heart felt welcome at all the markets. We all work together to have a great year! It’s so nice to see everyone come out to the markets, especially the return customers that we get to know. One of the best feelings is watching young children often starting out their market experience in strollers or in their parents’ arms, and every year we see them grow up. Kettle corn is one of the first snacks that kids love and we’re honored to make your lives super happy when you little one is mowing down a bag of classic kettle corn.
Q. Where do you sell Cravings Kettle Corn and what is the response when people see you there?
We love to have our company at big festivals and concerts, it’s a very exciting experience to be apart of the show business and feel the energy of thousands of people having a great time, and Cravings Kettle Corn makes the experience even better. People are so excited to see us and have an awesome snack while watching their favorite bands. Often there are line ups and people can’t get enough!
 Q. You are a young entrepreneur, where do you see yourself and your kettle corn business in 5 years?
I started Cravings Kettle Corn when I was 21 years old and now going into my 4th full year I feel like I am graduating from entrepreneurship. I understand business now and I feel as though my success has been a direct reflection of my hard work and dedication. To make this company successful I have to believe in myself and to make difficult decisions. I work well under pressure and always come through no matter the obstacle in regards to my career and personal life. I will continue to have this company because it is so rewarding and entirely fulfilling but I imagine in the near future I will be looking into more opportunities in owning more businesses.
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Thank you to everyone who played along in this week’s FacebookInstagram giveaway for a chance to win a $10 credit to the Port Moody Farmers Market. This weeks winner is Patricia Mounsey. Congratulations and please send an e-mail to admin@makebakegrow.com to claim your prize. Another giveaway will go live on Monday, so come back and play along for your next chance to win!

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