I  first tried working with clay when my daughters wanted to take the ‘Parent and kids’ clay workshop at Burnaby Arts Centre.  The kids did not continue, but I was hooked.  I took classes at the Arts Centre and eventually joined the Burnaby Potters Guild.  Recently I learned about ‘precious metal clay’ and began making silver jewelery. I work at my studio in my home in Burnaby, and fire with the Guild at the Arts Centre.

Experimenting and learning new things are important to me, so I’m always looking for new things to try.  Thus, my pots come in a variety of styles, colours, etc.

I like making things that people can use.  When I’m making a bowl or a cup, I’m thinking of the person who will eventually use it, and hoping it will bring a smile to their lips.

Participating in the Farmers market allows me to connect with customers, which I really enjoy.  One thing you should know about me is that I’m hard of hearing.  Speak directly to me, and I will be happy to chat.

Contact Name: Penny Swanson

Phone: 604-230-0412

Email: swanson.pa@gmail.com

From: Burnaby