About Us: Dageraad Brewing is a small-batch artisan brewery bringing our love of Belgian beer culture to British Columbia. Named after the Dageraadplaats, a neighbourhood square on the east side of Antwerp, Belgium, the brewery is our effort to transport a small piece of the beer culture found in that square back home.

Varieties include:

Burnabarian: Great for drinking on a summer patio or knocking back after
a long day’s work, Burnabarian is a table beer, or Belgian-style session
ale. Burnabarian is lightly spiced with coriander and is brewed with oats
for a silky mouthfeel.

Randonneur: Randonneur Saison was created in the tradition of farmhouse
ales brewed for farm labourers during harvest season in northern France and
Wallonia. Peppery and hoppy, effervescent and bone-dry, Randonneur Saison
refreshes after cycling through the autumnal countryside or harvesting
produce in your own garden.

Blonde: Crowned with a fluffy, white head and graced with a fruity,
spicy, citrusy aroma. A closer inspection reveals a note of nutty pilsner
malt, whiff of noble hops, faint note of caramelized sugar and—when the
beer warms—a sweet, floral breath of alcohol. This beer was inspired by
Belgium’s incredible variety of strong, blonde ales, ranging from
semi-sweet to bone-dry, that offer a huge range of fruit, hop and spice
flavours. Dageraad Blonde gets its depth and complexity of flavour from
European hops, spices and our house yeast.

Amber: Our Amber ale marries the complexity of Belgium’s beers to the
drinkability of Britain’s pale ales. Dageraad Amber’s light malty sweetness
and rich bouquet of malt and stone fruit are balanced by a hoppy aroma and
a crisp finish.

Contact Us: lizz@dageraadbrewing.com or dageraadbrewing.com