With my Metis Heritage Bannock recipe and a little imagination, our creations are served warm & delicious. Enjoy some original bannock with butter and/or homemade jam or salsa. Feeling a bit of a sweet tooth?  We serve warm granny smith apple fritters and cinnamon sugar fritters, also sweet bannock.  A delicious homemade blueberry crumble with whipped topping option. On a hot day, you can also enjoy a glass of our homemade blueberry iced tea, made from our own crushed blueberries.. You can also take home some bannock old cheddar cheese bread which becomes delicious when served toasted!

All of our products are made fresh, and the blueberries we use are our home-grown, signature fruits!


Products: Original Bannock, Bannock Old Cheddar Cheese Breads, Fritters,  Sweet Bannock, Blueberry Crumbles, Homemade Blueberry Iced Tea.

Contact Name: Donna Lee

Phone: 778-888-5991

E-mail: bannockqueen1@hotmail.com