About Us: Support the shifts you wish to make in your life by increasing flexibility of the body and mind and empowering yourself to create your own reality through self care, health and wellness education, exercise, and yoga.

I have studied kinesiology, human physiology, and a variety of alternative healing modalities including myofascial release, energetic trigger point therapies, somatorespiratory integration, reiki, multidimensional healing, gemstone energy medicine, yoga, exercise physiology, nutrition, meditation, and esthetics.

My goal is to facilitate somatic reorganization in order to improve overall health and wellness, and assist my clients to rediscover the joy of life through reconnection with the higher self & their purpose! I want to make this service accessible to everyone so they can continue to grow and expand in their lives!

Contact Us: www.aaroma-flow-healing.com, cassedicarlsen@gmail.com or 7789843421