Weekly Vendor Spotlight: Foraged Land Farms

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With the onset of COVID-19, the farmer’s markets are slightly different this year. To maintain the flow of traffic and avoid crowding we have asked that people “Shop, don’t stop” during the market. This may have created a lack of connection between you and our incredible vendors. We will be posting a weekly spotlight of our vendors to give you the opportunity to stop and connect with your local makers, bakers, and growers!

This week’s vendor spotlight is Foraged Land Farms

Tell us about your business?

Benoit’s focus currently is foraging, a market garden and a sprouting operation. Enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle he’s made his life full of foraging adventures and growing gardens. Doing what he does makes him feel like he’s on cloud 9, so much so that he comes to market to share and connect with the public and get his feet grounded on earth again.

What inspired you to start your business?

In his previous job, he was a tree planter here in BC ( that’s where he learned the proper work ethic for farming!).  During his time working in the clear-cuts he discovered that vegetables were the most nourishing food to power the insane amount of energy needed for his intense physical job.  He decided to try eating only organic fruits and vegetables for a few months and when he switched back to conventional, all he could taste was the chemicals and the poor quality of the food. He was so amazed (and at the same time discouraged) because he now only wanted to eat expensive organic.  So he bought land and 25 years later he’s still working hard growing nourishing food.

What is your favourite thing about the Port Moody Market and Port Moody?

Benoit has always gotten along with the Port Moody folks. He feels they are so welcoming and they appreciate what they have so much. He feels the customers at Port Moody take the time to look you in eyes and let you know what they think.

What is something you are grateful for this year?

Benoit is most grateful for having many opportunities to work alongside two of his daughters(and their partners) who are helping at the farm and with the markets.

Interested in supporting a local farm?

Visit Benoit and his family at the Port Moody Winter Market on the following dates from 10am -2 pm:

**Please note dates may be subject to change due to COVID-19 Public Health Orders**

April 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th 

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