Virtual POP Club: Pollinators pt 1 – Hummingbirds

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This week we’re learning all about pollinators with a focus on hummingbirds!

With Spring time upon us you’ll notice these buzzing birds once again. They are hungry and on the hunt for nectar! Unlike you or me hummingbirds can get away with eating sugar all day long. How do they do it?? They have super fast metabolisms (that’s a fancy name for the process that happens in the body when food becomes energy).

Why are Hummingbirds important to you and I?

When they fly from plant to plant extracting nectar with their long beaks they also bring with them pollen! This exchange of pollen from one plant to another is how plants like apples, blueberries and watermelon are able to produce fruit. If we had no pollinators we would have very little food options to choose from.

Facts about Hummingbirds

1. They not only eat nectar they eat small bugs too!

2. Hummingbirds species have some pretty neat names like: Fire-throated Metaltail, Rufus-breasted Hermit and Black-eared Fairy

3. They only live in North, Central and South America

4. Their heart can beat up to 500 times per minute

5. They are the only bird that can… fly backwards!

Activities this week include:

Click below to print or download activities:

DIY Hummingbird Feeder

VIDEO – All About Hummingbirds



Colouring Sheet

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