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With the onset of COVID-19, the farmer’s markets are slightly different this year. To maintain the flow of traffic and avoid crowding we have asked that people “Shop, don’t stop” during the market. This may have created a lack of connection between you and our incredible vendors. We will be posting a weekly spotlight of our vendors to give you the opportunity to stop and connect with your local makers, bakers, and growers!

This week’s vendor spotlight is LEMONJARZ

Tell us about your business?

Dried lemons beautifully crafted in a mason jar. No added sugars, artificial flavours, or colours. Just lemons! Perfect to add to a hot cup of tea, a cocktail drink, a glass of sparkling water, or to your next recipe for a zesty surprise. They make for a gorgeous addition to your kitchen counter, or as a gift for your lemon loving friends.

What inspired you to start your business?

As a full-time nutritionist, I noticed that the one thing people forget to do is to simply drink water! My goal is to make it easy for you to enjoy your morning cup of lemon water. Fresh lemons go bad and moldy way too quickly, so my favourite thing about Lemonjarz is that you’ll never have to waste another lemon! I hope my product can be a reminder for you to slow down, take a break, breathe, and hydrate.

What is your favourite thing about the Port Moody Market and Port Moody?

The first time I came to the Port Moody Farmers Market, I fell in love! I’ve been attending local farmer markets for over 10 years and it brings me so much joy to be a vendor and to be part of such a welcoming, supportive, and beautiful community here.

What is something you are grateful for this year?

My mom. I am extremely grateful for her health, energy, and the happiness she brings to those around her. She is so supportive of Lemonjarz and she tells me that she wants to grow lemon trees for me in our backyard. I love her so much!

Interested in supporting a local farm?

Visit Linda at the Port Moody Winter Market on the following dates from 10am -2 pm:

**Please note dates may be subject to change due to COVID-19 Public Health Orders**

This coming week only – March 14th


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