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With the onset of COVID-19, the farmer’s markets are slightly different this year. To maintain the flow of traffic and avoid crowding we have asked that people “Shop, don’t stop” during the market. This may have created a lack of connection between you and our incredible vendors. We will be posting a weekly spotlight of our vendors to give you the opportunity to stop and connect with your local makers, bakers, and growers!

This week’s vendor spotlight is Scratch Fine Foods!



Meet Dominique St. Jean & Joseph Casson, the creators of Scratch Fine Foods. Scratch Fine Foods is a small batch fermentation company based in Vancouver. We are best known for our tangy garlic sauerkraut, vegan kimchi, cultured chili sauce, a rotating selection of shrubs and lacto-pickles, and our salsa verde. We aim to make fermentation DELICIOUS and bring a broader appeal to fermentation. Using local products is important to us and we support local farms such as Earth Apple, Fractal farm, Seed to Culture & Andor farm, to name a few. We are in a time where keeping our bodies healthy is especially crucial, and our first line of defense is our immune system and gut biome. A healthy gut has a direct impact on our energy, immunity & our mental health. Our goal is to make delicious & healthy ferments (‘fermies’, as we sometimes say around here) for folks to enjoy.




What inspired you to start your business?

Working in the restaurant industry for 12+ years, Dominique has always spent her off time tinkering around with fermentation. From sourdough starters, koji, kefir, homemade umeboshi to kvass, kombucha and ‘kraut, It’s always rewarding working something that’s truly ALIVE. Fermentation is such a grayscale art form than black and white, as in there’s many ways to achieve a great ferment. Fermentation requires trial & error, there’s often failure involved, but most great things are achieved this way and fermenting is no different. Dominique and Joe imagine Scratch Fine Foods as a stepping stone to owning a small intimate deli/cocktail bar hybrid joint in the future. Scratch Fine Foods is an ever-evolving organism and we would like to incorporate more catering & pop-up style dinners in the future. With the two us, we feel the possibilities are endless!

What is your favourite thing about the Port Moody Market and Port Moody?

We find the market & the community very welcoming! It is a pleasure to be a vendor at this market and we hope to be involved for many seasons to come.

What is something you are grateful for this year?

We are grateful for the farmer’s markets forging ahead throughout Vancouver and the area! It is great to see folks coming out and supporting local farms and makers, in the era of ‘big box’ retailers and online retail monopolies such as Amazon.


Interested in trying some local & delicious ‘fermies’?

Click here to order online or visit them at the Port Moody Winter Market on the following dates from 10am -2 pm:

**Please note dates may be subject to change due to COVID-19 Public Health Orders**

January 24th

February 7th & 21st

March 7th & 21st

April 4th & 18th


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