Fun Farm Animal Facts

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Visiting the farm for kids can be a fun and exciting trip especially when there are farm animals to meet! There are farms that focus on dairy farming and there are farms that are fisheries. Farms don’t just have to focus on one type of animal they can also hold a variety as well, such as cattle, pigs, horses and chickens. Today we’re going to learn a few facts about the most common known farm animals.

10 Facts About Pigs:

  1. Pigs roll around in the mud to help them cool off.
  2. Pigs tails are curly if they’re happy and straight when they’re not.
  3. Piglets can be like puppies because they like to play with toys and get belly scratches.
  4. Pigs are they only domestic animal to make a lavatory outside.
  5. They can communicate with each other using over 20 different pigs sounds.
  6. Pigs make their beds everyday.
  7. Pigs can get sun burned.
  8. Pigs can be dangerous if threatened or hungry.
  9. Pigs are very strong.
  10. Pigs like to be waited on.

10 Facts About Cows:

  1. Cows can communicate with people.
  2. They can remember and respond to names that they are given.
  3. Cows can solve problems.
  4. Cows love music.
  5. Male cows have rings around their horns which tells us their age.
  6. Cows can predict when a storm is coming.
  7. Cows babysit for each other.
  8. Cows invent games.
  9. Cows can hold grudges.
  10. Cows make friends for life.

10 Facts About Sheep:

  1. Sheep always run uphill if they sense danger.
  2. A sheep’s thick coat protects it from heat and cold.
  3. Sheep have several different ways of speaking.
  4. Sheep play almost continually when they are young and sometimes when they are old they have pretend fights.
  5. Some sheep have good powers of concentration and can watch television.
  6. Sheep can live on grass alone but like other things too such as tree leaves and apples.
  7. Sheep seem to prefer running water to still water to drink.
  8. Sheep can be highly intelligent.
  9. Sheep have very long memories.
  10. Sheep can stand very cold weather better than cows, pigs or hens.

10 Facts About Chickens:

  1. Hens stretch, flap, fly, run, paddle and sunbathe.
  2. Hens respond to kindness and attention.
  3. Hens sing when they are happy and enjoy listening to music.
  4. They suffer badly from fear and shock.
  5. Hens chop up food into small pieces for their chicks.
  6. Hens make friends and sometimes spurn newcomers.
  7. Hens dust-bathe as part of their cleaning process.
  8. Hens are inquisitive.
  9. They are playful and can always amuse themselves whatever the weather.
  10. Hens are sociable and have many different ‘speaking’ voices.

So, those are just a few facts about some of the most common farm animals. This Sunday, POP kids will learn more about farm animals through a fun and interactive activity. They will go through different farm animal facts and try to match it to the correct image of the animal.

Hope to see you there!

If you haven’t yet registered for the program, make sure you visit the POP tent to get started!

Learn more about the program here: POP Kids Club

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