Vendor Spotlight: Amazing Foods BC

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What is special about Amazing Foods BC’s spice blends?

All spice blends are prepared in small batches to retain its freshness and quality.  Our gluten-free spice blends come with recipes as well.  We take care to ensure that our products remain customer favorites!

Favorite recipe to follow?

New product: Roganjosh and Shahi Paneer mix

Takes us through the creation of one of your most famous mixes. How are they made?

Hand grinded, mixed in small batch, taste tested then packed.

What do you enjoy the most about selling at farmers markets?

Customer appreciation, making each and every customer happy with good, flavorful food.  Meet new people everyday.

Why is growing local important to you?

Goes hand in hand vendors bring quality products and locals help by buying from small suppliers in their community, neighbors helping each other!

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