Animals on the Farm

If you have ever spent some time on a farm then you know that there are usually a variety of animals to be found. Animals on the farm are referred to as livestock, this term includes cattle, sheep, horses, goats, and other domestic animals raised on farms for use or profit. Chickens and turkeys are not considered livestock, instead, they are referred to as poultry. Below are some fun facts about some of the common animals found on a farm:

Chicken – did you know that there are more chickens on earth than people – around 20 billion! It is believed that chickens were domesticated around 9,000 years ago.

Cow – Did you know that there are over 800 different cattle breeds recognized worldwide! Cows spend around 10 hours a day laying down relaxing.

Horse – Did you know that there is only one truly wild horse species still in existence, the Przewalski horse lives in Mongolia. Other wild horses are feral, for example, mustangs in North America. The average horse heart weighs approximately 9 or 10 pounds.

Pig – Did you know that pigs were domesticated around 8,000 years ago in China. Pigs are the brains of the barnyard and extraordinarily intelligent, some report that they are smarter than dogs and even some primates.

Goat – Did you know that goats were among the first animals brought over to North America, the earliest European settlers brought them over on the Mayflower. Goats have rectangular pupils, this gives them a fuller range of vision than humans and other animals that have round pupils.

On Sunday, October 20 our POP Club kids will be learning facts about different animals that can be found around the farm. Learn more about the POP Club here and visit us at the market to register.

The POP Club is a farmer’s market-based kids program. Children (ages 5 – 12 years old) will learn about fruits and vegetables, local food systems and healthy food preparation through fun activities all season long.

Each week children will earn a $3 market token to use towards any fruit or vegetable of their choice. There is no cost to participate and the program runs every Sunday rain or shine!

Sunday, October 20

Join us this Sunday at the Coquitlam Farmers Market! We are open until the last Sunday of October – rain or shine!

We are so happy to be hosting Coastal Sound’s “Sound A Thon”.

Check out their awesome lineup of choirs:

  • 9:00- 9:50 Apprentice Choirs: Round & Round we go!
  • 10:00-10:50 Coastal Sound Children’s Choir
  • 11:00-11:50 Coastal Sound Youth Choir
  • 11:55-12:15 Sources song play
  • 12:15-1:00 DeCoro’s Great Big Sing A Long

In our free kids craft area we will be making fall trees.

Vendors attending market this Sunday October 20  * please note this list is subject to change
  • A Bread Affair
  • Aslan Organics
  • Back To Roots Kitchen
  • Brazilian Roots Truck
  • Brewnetti Cafe
  • Ca Croustille Bakery
  • Central Park Farms
  • Cocoaro Craft Chocolate
  • Crisp Organics
  • Culture Kefir Co.
  • Dee’s Jewelry Box
  • Earth Paws Pet Products
  • Einai Designs
  • Ela Made Me Do It
  • Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm
  • Fume-eh Gourmet Foods
  • Gabi & Jules Handmade Pies
  • Garys Kettle Corn
  • Golden Ears Cheesecrafters
  • Gypsy Trunk Gourmet Fare
  • Happi Dani
  • Hill Top Farm
  • Hoochy ‘Booch Kombucha
  • John Spice
  • Juicily Ginger
  • Koji Fine Foods
  • Langley Organic Growers
  • Mama Bear Essentials
  • Mandair Farms
  • Mariner Brewing
  • Never Say Die Nursery
  • Occasionally Honey
  • Oh Sweet Day!
  • PoCo Soap Co
  • Redl’s Home Grown Beef
  • Reverent Acres
  • Rockweld Farm
  • Royal City Donuts
  • Simply Delish Aritsan Enterprises
  • Sweet Thea
  • The Cawston Market Farmer
  • The Local Farm
  • The Raw Guy
  • Vlad’s Apiary
  • Westwood Total Health